Medical Records Software Programs

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Lytec 2020 Upgrade – New Features and More Benefits

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Lytec 2020 – The Best Medical Practice Software Lytec© 2020 is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution. The software is designed to simplify the way you run your medical practice. With each new release, Lytec medical practice management software gets better and more powerful. Every upgrade improves the user experience with functionalities that… Read more »

EHR Medical Software Programs

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CureMD Electronic Healthcare Records Software This article provides an overview of the CureMD All-in-One EMR software solution for medical practice management. We will introduce the practice management software features that make CureMD among best medical software for clinicians. Why Use EHR Systems Medical software programs empower you to improve the efficiency of managing electronic health… Read more »

Advantages and Disadvantages of EMR vs. Paper-Based Records

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Electronic Medical Records vs. Paper-Based Records This article presents the advantages and disadvantages of electronic health records (i.e., EMR, EHR) and paper-based medical records advantages and disadvantages. This article takes a practical look at how converting from manual record keeping to EMR software typically affects a private medical practice. The Growing Need for EMR –… Read more »

Practice Management Software Features

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What Is Practice Management Software? Medical practice management software (PMS) is an electronic solution to better manage a medical practice, clinic or facility. The best practice management software features ways to improve the patient experience, increase operating efficiency, and grow the bottom line. PMS is generally used for front office administrative as well as billing… Read more »