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Documentation & Download Links

Read Before Downloading Medisoft

You can download the latest version of Medisoft by clicking the link on the left. Please be sure to review the system requirements and installation guide before installing Medisoft. Also, please make sure you have your customer account ID prior to installation. You can find your account ID on the registration email that you received.


PLEASE NOTE: Advantage Database Licenses are required for the NetPro Version of Medisoft. 


If you need further information or help with installation, please contact us  at 800.759.1321 x 3 for assistance.

Registering and Activating Your Medisoft Software

After installation, you will be prompted to enter your Customer Account ID and Customer Name in the fields provided. Please make sure to enter this in exactly as shown.


Licensing Information:

Basic: May only be installed on one computer.
Advanced: May be installed on up to 1 computer. 
Network Professional: May be installed on the number of computers that licenses were purchased for. In order to use the Network Professional version, you must also purchase Advantage Database licenses for the total number of users that will be accessing Medisoft. Medisoft Network Professional can only be installed on one server.
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