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Lytec Medical Billing &
Practice Management Software

CGM LYTEC is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify the way you run your practice.

Lytec is a market-proven, industry-leading Practice Management and Medical Billing Software for over 34 years!

Are you looking for best-in-class medical billing software that will also allow you to optimize all other office workflows? Since 1989, Lytec has been a proven Practice Management solution. Lytec provides an ANSI 5010-compliant and a powerful workflow engine to manage the scheduling, billing, and revenue management functions of your practice.

The new 2024 version has all of the tools necessary to effectively manage patient billing:

  • Insurance and patient billing
  • Claims tracking
  • Accounts receivable
  • Enterprise appointment scheduling with online scheduling
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Mobile app

Streamline all of your medical billing and office tasks today with Lytec 2024 medical billing software.

Why MediPro?

Since 1995, MediPro has been selling and supporting medical billing software and practice management software.  Backed by more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, MediPro helps independent physicians and medical practices automate processes in a way that saves time, money, and hassle. Because of our passion for user satisfaction, we’ve received numerous national awards and honors.

Interested in streamlining your practice’s daily tasks using a proven medical management software? Ready to move your office forward? Contact MediPro and one of our Healthcare Consultants will be happy to explain our products and services to help you find the right medical software solution.


Lytec Highlighted Features


Lytec offers advanced scheduling features for every size practice.

  • Single or multiple resource view
  • Ability to collect co-payments at the time of arrival
  • Waitlists
  • Customized appointment reports

Patient Accounting

Easily keep track of your accounts receivables with Lytec.

  • A/R tracking module
  • Track insurance allowed amounts
  • Timely filing tracking
  • Collection list


Lytec is robust and flexible allowing you to manage the billing processes with ease.

  • Patient and insurance billing, electronic claims and automatic payment posting (ERA)
  • User customizable billing screen
  • Enter charges and payments without having to jump around from screen-to-screen
  • Multiple fee schedules
  • Custom charge entry rules and messages

Lytec Reports

Keep track of your practice’s financial health through Lytec’s comprehensive reporting options.

  • Day sheet, transaction journal, and practice analysis reports
  • Monthly and yearly summaries
  • Aging reports
  • Over 50 various reports and options to choose from


Lytec mobile is a free application that works with Lytec to help your practice run smarter and improve productivity.

  • Patient Intake – Patients can enter or update their information, complete and sign forms and complete their medical history while in the waiting room.
  • Schedule – Lytec Mobile allows you to view or add patients to the Lytec scheduler.
  • Add Charges – The provider can complete an electronic superbill and send the charges to Lytec PM.

Enhanced Eligibility and Claims Processing

Know ahead of time and get up-to-date patient eligibility before the patient comes in for their appointment.

  • Submit electronic claims
  • Post automated payments using ERA
  • Scrub your claims for errors before submitting

Choose the Version That’s Right For You

Lytec Single User

Easy and simple installation makes the Lytec single-user version the perfect solution for the small office that only has a need for one user.

Lytec Multi-User Versions

Used for installations on either a smaller network up to 5 computers or use the client/server version for up to 100 users. No matter what the size of your practice, Lytec has your solution!

Lytec Cloud-Based

Tired of dealing with expensive hardware or have multiple locations? Use our cloud-based version of Lytec and let us handle everything for you.

Enhance Your Lytec System With These Add-Ons

Lytec 2024 New Features & Enhancements

Patient Responsibility Estimate

Deliver better service at the point of care with the eMEDIX Patient Responsibility Estimate. Provide a good-faith cost estimate for planned procedures by quickly running a patient’s insurance eligibility for the planned procedure codes. Save time with pre-configured Linked Transactions for common procedure bundles.

This integrated feature includes an estimate display within CGM LYTEC 2024 where the user can make any patient or insurance adjustments for coverage, copays, coinsurance, remaining deductibles, etc. Past payments and charge histories are factored in to provide a more accurate estimate. Providers can print and save patient estimates and have the option to tailor them with customizable messaging.

Daily Appointment And Activity Review

With this new review of charges and patient payment and collection activity, providers and practice managers are quickly alerted to possible oversights such as appointments without charges, missed copays, and claims that were not billed.

Providers can measure several core metrics to quickly identify if their practice is meeting collection goals such as expected copays at the time of service or billing for missed appointments. Practices can identify their percentage of missed appointments and discover if the CGM CONNECTION Patient Relationship Management option could help reduce that no-show rate.

Practices can run this user-friendly appointment and activity review daily or whenever they routinely enter payments and charges.

Fully Integrated Patient Statements With eMEDIX

By using eMEDIX for your patient statements, your practice management software and clearinghouse come together under one roof with CompuGroup Medical.

Patient statements are fully integrated with CGM LYTEC 2024— no more logging into third-party websites to view statements! Designed to be familiar and easy to use, providers can preview statements before transmission.

Review them from within CGM LYTEC to answer any patient questions. With eMEDIX, you can access reports including statement confirmations and undeliverable or changed patient addresses. Adopt the eMEDIX online payment portal and a QR code will appear on your statements to direct patients to the portal.

Combine your integrated patient statements with our industry-leading eMEDIX clearinghouse and consolidate your operations under one trusted vendor.

Enhanced Eligibility Display

Practices with eMEDIX Eligibility will enjoy an updated, more detailed view of a patient’s eligibility status.

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Support

CGM Lytec 2024 has been tested and approved for use with Microsoft Windows Server 2022. Practices should always use up-to-date, fully supported server systems to ensure security and regulatory compliance.

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