Enhancing Patient Engagement

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With the healthcare marketplace rapidly changing, it is of the utmost importance that medical practices have the technological resources to help increase patient engagement. Not only will some of these tools enhance communications, but they can also have a direct effect on patient loyalty. Over the years, patients have taken a more active interest in… Read more »

Strategies to Improve Patient Collections

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According to experts, hospitals, and private practice that do not consider improving their patient payment collection by making it a top priority will face significant challenges. Private practices relied on payers to make the majority of the payments for services they offered in the past. Today, healthcare providers and patients face severe issues due to… Read more »

Maintaining Cyber Security in a Small Medical Office

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In this article, we would like to discuss an important topic that often gets overlooked; Cybersecurity setup in your office. Regardless if you are a single provider or larger multi-physician office protection of your data is extremely important. This is not only for your billing records but also for the Protected Health Information (PHI) you… Read more »

Medical Records Software Programs

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Electronic Health Records Errors – How to Avoid HIPAA Trouble

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HIPAA Trouble and EHR Implementation – How to Avoid Legal, Ethical Issues Learn how you can avoid legal issues with electronic medical records management. Get tips on best practices to manage EHR / EMR security, privacy concerns and avoid problems causing HIPAA violations. HIPPA and the EMR EHR Environment HIPAA trouble due to errors in… Read more »