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Electronic Claims Services

Introducing Lytec EDI. Powerful-Complete-One Vendor-One PM & EDI Solution for your Lytec software.

Practice Insight Clearinghouse Solutions

Far more than a clearinghouse, EDIinsight from Practice Insight improves the entire billing and collections process, from EDI submissions to workflow management.
Claim Manager

The core module of EDIinsight.

100% ERA Solution

Elminate paper remittances.


Determine patient benefits prior to their visit and collect payments while they’re at your office.

Patient Cost Estimator

Provides an accurate, timely cost estimation before the patient leaves the office.

Clinical Claim Scrubber

Submit cleaner claims and achieve a better first-time acceptance rate.

Reports & Dashboard

Leverage real-time revenue cycle data.

Task Manager

Ensure that no task or claim is forgotten.

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