CureMD All-In-One Practice Management
Electronic Health Records Software

Easy, integrated and customizable, CureMD is built for your specialty.
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Practice Management

Practice Management

Boost productivity with enterprise scheduling, eligibility, intelligent billing, reporting and more.


Electronic Health Records

User-friendly and customizable EHR with integrated PM for optimized quality and performance.

Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Securely register and request appointment refills. Also view charts, statements, messages and reminders.



Our HIPAA-compliant all-in-one solution offers everything you need to immediately deploy telemedicine services.



Cutting edge user-experience for a revolutionary new approach to practicing medicine.


Award-winning, user-friendly, and built for your specialty with integrated practice management for optimal performance, quality, and patient experience.


Learn, enroll and attest to Quality Payment Program.

CureMD Practice Management Software CureMD Practice Management

Increase your office’s productivity with enterprise scheduling, intelligent billing, eligibility, electronic payment posting, reporting, and much more!

Avalon Mobile EHR Mobile EHR for iPad and iPhone

The Avalon app provides a cutting-edge user experience providing a revolutionary new approach to practicing medicine.

Medical Billing Autonomous Medical Billing

Equip your medical billing team with the right tools. Save time and improve cash flow with fewer staff hours! Bring your medical billing into the 21st Century with autonomous billing.

Patient Portal Patient Portal

Using our secure patient portal, patients can securely register, request appointments, prescription refills, view statements, messages, and more.
CureMD Overview

CureMD’s All-in-One Cloud platform integrates Electronic Medical Records with Practice Management, a patient portal, and an iPad app to personalize care delivery, increase patient safety, and minimize costs for medical practices of all sizes. The CureMD EMR software offers practices looking for integrated medical management software an affordable and award-winning solution. Learn more about our CureMD medical practice software solutions below.

CureMD cloud-based EMR & PM Solutions support both unique clinical approaches and specialty workflows with a range of features including customizable templates, document imaging (built-in PACS), E&M coding, custom forms, flow sheets, clinical decision support, order sets, patient education, clinical voice recognition and a lot more.

Want to simplify your workflow? Wish to allow your patients to check-in themselves? Welcome, CureMD’s Kiosk! The app allows you to use the iPad both as a kiosk or be handed around the waiting area. This frees your front desk staff from worrying about registering new patients or allowing established patients to check in for appointments.

Explore the CureMD Software Solution

CureMD is an all-in-one EMR and Practice Management system that Enhances Quality, Profitability, and Collaboration.

  • Revolutionize practice operations
  • Participate in pay-for-performance incentive programs
  • Compliant with industry standards and regulations
  • Process higher patient loads
  • Highest return on investment