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Springtime in February?

Hello everyone!  It has certainly been a bit since we’ve posted on our Blog.  It could be the remnants of a mild winter has affected our circadian rhythms?   Regardless of spring-like weather in February, our team has been busy at the MediPro office handling an influx of interest in the medical software products and add-on services we offer.  Two things we’ve been speaking a lot about lately are MediPro’s Billing and Cloud services.  Since ICD-10 went into effect, medical practices want more assistance with their revenue cycle management process—we welcome you to Med-Ops.  For those who no longer want to be attached to their brick and mortar—ultimately desire world-wide mobility to access patient information, ePrescribe, Chart, Bill and view provider schedules while on the go—we welcome you to the Cloud.
One of our long-term goals has always been to look for affordable, effective solutions to help your practice become more efficient through automation.  Our trusted patient statements and pay services partner, BillFlash has recently announced new services to add to the mix. These are perfect for practices who are challenged by Accounts Receivable as well as those who want to make the check-in/check-out process relatively seamless.
StoredPay allows your office to securely store a patient’s preferred payment method that can be used to process monies for future dates of service and or retail products.
PlanPay payments are not associated with any single bill/statement but are simply part of a plan to pay off an established liability like a car loan payment would do.  Create and automate payments for patient payment plans/agreements that are made (ex: payoff $2,400 liability by making a $100/mo. payment on the 15th of each month for 24 months).
Since a new spring season is officially right around the calendar, we had to share some of the new services that are available.  It’s easy to get started, enrolled and begin enjoying additional automation—just like the perennials in your yard.

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