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Medical Software with 24/7 Mobile Access

Healthcare mobile apps should be part of every practice management software. Mobile apps certainly make it possible to access records and share information 24/7. As the use of hand held devices has grown, people have developed a strong preference for better ways to manage certain aspects of their life from a mobile device. Within the healthcare industry, from small medical practices to large healthcare facilities, there is a growing demand for having mobile medical apps to access information. The reasons for this are two-fold.

Give Your Patients What They Want – Mobile Access

Patients want convenient ways to access their information, pay bills online, and communicate with healthcare providers. With a robust mobile app patients may complete many of these tasks in small bursts of time, and when they are on-the-go. Medical apps for patients provide easy access to their healthcare provider’s systems which improves the overall patient experience.

How Mobile Apps Improve the Patient Experience

  • Patients can schedule appointments without having to endure log wait time to speak with a person.
  • Patients can access portals to manage contact and insurance information, and view test results, etc.
  • Patients can access helpful articles or treatment reference information
  • Patients can request prescription refills online
  • Patients can easily pay a bill online

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Any tasks that a patient can manage online takes a burden off of an already overworked medical office support staff. Enabling a patient to pay a bill online can dramatically improve the receivables for a medical practice, clinic or hospital. Mobile access empowers the patient to help your practice run smoother. </h4 >

Healthcare Providers Need Fast 24/7 Access From Anywhere

Doctors and other healthcare professionals spend a large percentage of their day accessing electronic medical records. It is widely believed that physicians actually spend more time accessing electronic medical records than they spend time face-to-face with patients. Mobile device usage will only go up as hospitals and practices invest in mobility to achieve various care goals. Unfortunately, as of right now, some practices forgo investing in mobility because of the initial cost, uncertainty about user adoption, and other reasons. However, as more is demanded of our healthcare system, an investment in mobile accessible software is an absolute necessity. Here is why every practice should make mobility a top priority.

Improved staff communication, quality of care, and collaboration

Software with healthcare mobile apps access better ensures staffers have the most up-to-date data. Per a 2022 Hospital Vision Study, 67% percent of nurse managers surveyed in a Zebra Technologies report said that clinical mobility improved staff communication, quality of care, and collaboration.

Many EMR systems found in practices are on a single desktop computer or legacy medical software that requires multiple clicks to access information. If medical office staffers must access the stationary EMR every time they want to access a chart or input new data, it robs the provider of precious time that could be used instead to provide optimal personalized care to patients. Mobile EMR software provides the solution for improving practice management at all levels.

Multiple Access Points for Timely Updates

Medical apps for doctors, nurses, and other staff enables them to provide updates on patients, and access pertinent information on a mobile device. This improves collaboration and allows everyone to be on the same page with the most current information. As doctors, nurse and support staff see these benefits, their trust in the software and app will increase, thereby improving the rate of user adoption. As the adoption increases the benefits for patients and practice alike will climb.

24/7 Global Access for Healthcare Providers

An added bonus of choosing cloud-based EMR medical software is that doctors and other critical staff members can access patient data, order tests, e-prescribe, and run various practice management tools outside of the practice. With mobile EMR software, all that is needed is an internet connection, so there are no geographic restrictions.

Lytec Practice Management Software View of a Superbill.

Screenshot of Medical Superbill in Lytec Software

Medical Apps with HIPAA Compliant Security Measures

Cloud-based software features best-in-class security features to ensure patients data are safe, and inclement weather and outages aren’t an issue as the software is run on remote servers (cloud-based). As workflows and the need to access information are time-sensitive, upgrading to mobile EMR software can ensure positive results on the clinical side as well as the patient side.

Mobile Access Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

As more than ten thousand Baby Boomers retire each day, the healthcare industry must come to grips with the fact that it will need to deploy independent, innovative solutions to improve efficiency without sacrificing the level of patient care provided. Practices must be able to see the most patients in the least amount of time and provide quality care to all who enter the facility. Fortunately there are amazing new technologies that not only automate various practice workflows, but also provide better communication and scalability depending on the practices needs.

The truth is that EMR software that optimizes mobility is a need no practice can afford not to have. But, we also understand that the EMR cloud marketplace can be intimidating and difficult to assess, which is why we encourage you to contact us today for a no-pressure discussion with a medical software specialist. Another option is visit our website to learn more about medical practice management software options and electronic medical records (EMR) management software options . In a short amount of time you may discover new medical software solutions that can improve the efficiency and profitability of your practice.

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Implementation and U.S. Based Product Support

When you find the best medical practice software for your practice, you need to also know that the implementation will be done by experts, and that service after the sale is just as good. We understand that you have a business to operate, and do not want any problems while implementing a new system. Our team of medical software specialists will do a superb job and help your staff to learn how to get the most from MediPro products and services. We’re confident that your experience working with us will exceed your expectations.