Lytec 2019 Upgrade – New Features and More Benefits

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September 11, 2018

Lytec 2019 – The Best Medical Practice Software

Lytec© 2019 is a proven, trusted, and affordable practice management solution. The software is designed to simplify the way you run your medical practice. With each new release, Lytec medical practice management software gets better and more powerful. Every upgrade improves the user experience with functionalities that medical professionals have demanded.

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Meet Lytec 2019 – The Best Medical Practice Software

Explore the Benefits of Upgrading to Lytec 2019 Medical Practice Software

Move Credits Workflow – New in Lytec 2019

Faster and Easier Correction of Payment Posting Errors

Lytec Billing Software in 2019 adds features that improve medical billing accuracy.Lytec 2019 makes it very easy to fix patient payment posting errors. The new Move Credit workflow eliminates the manual, time-consuming double entries.

You can now quickly choose the correct patient, find the billing entry with an incorrect credit, move and apply it to correct billings, and click to post.

This feature makes correcting posting errors quick and easy!

Watch the video to learn about the new Move Credits Workflow feature

Patient Email Connect – New in Lytec 2019

Better Marketing Communications Via the New Patient Engagement Tool

Patient engagement and marketing help to inform and retain patients. Lytec now makes it even easier to keep in touch with your patients. Use email and other methods to communicate important information and news. Lytec 2019 offers Patient Email Connect for email blasts to keep in touch with your patients.

Leverage email marketing to help your practice. Imagine what you can do with timely emails to send:

  • Monthly PR newsletters
  • Healthcare treatment news
  • Birthday or holiday greetings
  • Payment due reminders
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Requests for Google or Bing reviews

The Patient Email Connect tool can generate personalized letters and create contact lists for phone campaigns.

Watch the video to learn about the new Patient Email Connect feature

Accounts Receivables Tracker – New in Lytec 2019

Reduce Lost Revenue from Missed Billing Deadlines

Timely filing denials are frustrating and can hurt your bottom-line. Because each payer has their own unique filing deadline schedule it’s easy to miss a deadline. The new filing calculator in Lytec 2019 Accounts Receivable Tracker keeps your billing moving on-time. Now you can calculate the time remaining to file a claim while you work your insurance receivables. Medical statement billers can now quickly view how many days remain before timely filing expires. They can also see which claims have already been billed or are past due. This enables your team to prioritize claim submissions and promptly work rejections. The Accounts Receivable Tracker feature is customizable to each payer’s filing requirements to mitigate problems resulting from missing billing deadlines.

Improve Collections with Real-Time Views of Patient Balances

Every medical practice needs a fast way to view or print a receivables report. Patients are increasingly responsible for a larger share of the cost of treatment. Following up to collect a patient’s out-of-pocket costs for medical care is more critical than ever. Updates to Lytec’s AR Tracker’s unpaid billing transactions grid show the patient’s copay responsibility at a glance. This makes it easier to view the current account balance and outstanding debt. Billers can now quickly determine if the unpaid balance is a patient’s co-pay or co-insurance remaining after insurance adjudication.

Faster Patient Account Management with the AR Tracker Refresh Button

Tired of starting over when making changes to a patient’s account? Now you don’t have to. The new refresh button in AR Tracker allows you to refresh your screen and see changes immediately, avoiding the hassle of re-running your AR query.

Better Records Management to Mitigate Duplicate Patient Record Problems

Lytec 2019 has features to assist in eliminating duplicate patient records.Duplicate patient records are a hassle that can be solved with new features in Lytec 2019. Lytec 2019 goes beyond simply finding social security numbers. It now compares a patient’s last name and date of birth to help your team find and resolve duplicate records.

Improve Efficiency by Viewing All Hold Codes at Once in the Scheduler

Lytec 2019 eliminates manual lookups of your pop-up notes for patients. Now you can see all hold-notes by hovering over the Hold Code column in the appointment scheduler. This saves time and reduces the number of clicks required to view patient notes.

Greater Flexibility Posting Patient Payments

In Lytec 2019, you will enjoy having greater flexibility when posting patient payments. Lytec 2019 allows posting of cash payments and an ability to open previously locked fields. You can also incorporate payment plans and credit card on file capabilities. With the BillFlash OfficePay integration you will find it easier than ever to manage patient payments.

Customizable Appointment Schedules – New in Lytec 2019

Improve Staff Productivity with Customized Appointment Schedules

In Lytec’s 2019 medical practice software you can create customized printed appointment schedules. Even better is a feature that enables any staff member to customize their schedule view. This software functionality gives staff members the ability to create a schedule format that works for them.

Compare Lytec 2019 to Previous Versions

New Features – Lytec 2019 Upgraded Medical Practice Software

Lytec 2019 includes far more features than ever!