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Practice Management Software Features

What Is Practice Management Software?

Medical practice management software (PMS) is an electronic solution to better manage a medical practice, clinic or facility. The best practice management software features ways to improve the patient experience, increase operating efficiency, and grow the bottom line. PMS is generally used for front office administrative as well as billing insurance and patients, however; there are options for EMR management and more.

What Is the Purpose of Practice Management Software?

PMS solutions serve the internal business needs of a medical practice and billing services which contribute to improving the patient experience. Medical practice management software is the basic part of a comprehensive electronic practice management system. PMS provides an efficient system to manage patient accounts including patient information, insurance and billing data. PMS solutions also enable optimal efficiency for appointment scheduling, billing tasks and generating various reports.

Screenshot of Billing Screen with Easy Navigation

Medical Practice Management Software - Billing System with Easy Navigation

Practice Management Software Features for Any Practice

Obviously, a small private practice has simpler needs than a hospital. There are different levels of software to accommodate any business from a small private practice or clinic to a broad network of hospitals. Most practice management software offerings are designed for small to mid-sized medical offices.

Practice management software can be installed on desktop computers or internal-servers or used as a cloud-based service. The best practice management software solutions are mobile friendly, allowing both medical professionals and patients to interact with the practice. A quick rundown of the user access types is as follows:

  • The desktop computer program is a common solution for a small practice with one main computer. A single point of access solution saves money on set-up, however; it places a burden on the practice for employing a robust cloud-based computer back-up service.
  • Internal-server installed software is the solution for a practice with multiple computers accessing the same information database. This solution requires the practice to buy or lease and maintain a server. Although the internal-server stores files and records the practice will still have the challenge of employing a robust cloud-based computer back-up service.
  • Cloud-based software, marketed on a subscription basis, is the growing trend among medical practices. The best cloud-based practice management software features solutions enabling doctors and staff to access information simultaneously. This eliminates the hassles and cost for an internal server, and solves the critical needs for data security.

Holistic View of Medical Practice Management Software

When considering the purchase of any PMS you should learn about the software company’s full product line. Even though you may now need only a simple software program, it’s very possible you will later experience a need for more of a robust system. The best software vendors offer add-on modules or software for EMR/EHR management.

Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009

The HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act of 2009 was signed into law for the purpose of stimulating an increase in the use of electronic health records (EHR) in the United States. Another key part of the Act is to drive forward a more progressive approach to data breach notifications, and best practices to safeguard digital health information.

There are mandates in the Act that require patient information and disease data to be acquired and sent to government agencies in an electronic format. The best manner to be in compliance is to have in place a software that provides comprehensive data management functionality. With the best medical practice software solutions hospitals, clinics and medical facilities can provide this information promptly and securely.

Explore Lytec Practice Management Software

Lytec is one of the top medical practice management software solutions in use today. The software is usually upgraded annually and offers scalable solutions that simplify running a medical practice office. In 2015, Lytec enhanced and added features for daily workflow, and launched the brand new Lytec mobile app.

Practice Management Software Features

  1. Patient Demographics: An easy to use interface offering a robust view of patient information. In addition to the customary profile information you can scan patient pictures, insurance cards, track insurance plans and manage fee schedules.
  2. Appointment Scheduler: This feature enables fast scheduling, with an equally easy way to move appointments, schedule follow-up appointments and add a patient to a waiting list. Payment collection and receipt printing makes checkouts easier. The appointment screen can be customized to include a variety of information based upon practice preference.
  3. Appointment Reminders: This widely popular add-on module enables you to send reminders via text message, email and phone call. Automated features allow the patient to interact with confirmations which automatically post to the practice schedule.
  4. Billing & A/R Tracking: This feature makes billing and A/R management easier than ever before. Generating line item detail billing statements, walk-out receipts and applying co-pays is fast and easy. Receivable views include account detail, and you can quickly assign collection tasks, and print A/R reports.
  5. Revenue Management: This feature allows office staff to find errors with pre-claim editing and ANSI validation. There are built-in views for the 835 electronic remittance advice which includes the ability to make revisions, and post transactions.
  6. ICD-10 Search Tool: This tool facilitates migration to new ICD-10 codes that carriers now demand. Users of this tool can search items by code number, description or anatomical diagrams.

Lytec Mobile – Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

Lytec Mobile helps your practice run smarter, optimize reimbursement and increase productivity. Lytec Mobile increases how a Doctor or staff can access information and eliminates the need to be at a computer work station to access information. Lytec Mobile works on a number of devices including Apple iPad®, iPad Mini®, iTouch® and iPhone®. This App works on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G data connections.

A few of the benefits of having Lytec Mobile are:

  • Electronically capture charges and diagnoses entries
  • Enter charges and diagnoses from anywhere
  • Submit claims to your biller at the tap of a button
  • View your schedule on your mobile device
  • Support simplified patient accounting
  • Track practice performance efficiently and easily

Mobile App Screen Views

CuredMD Mobile App Screen Views

Our Practice Management Software Features Create a Win-Win for Patients and Doctors

In summary, medical practice management software provides automation to critical tasks for running a profitable practice. The best software developers understand the real-world needs for operating a practice and have the knowledge of emerging trends and legal requirements for data management and security. Clinics and practices which utilize the latest software solutions find improved operating efficiency without having to hire additional front office staff. The bottom-line effect is a better patient experience and a positive impact on profitability.

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