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Medical Payment Services

Complete Suite of Billing & Medical Payment Services
BillFlash Getting Paid

BillFlash Billing & Medical Payment Services

Eliminate headaches and increase revenue when you choose BillFlash medical payment services as your one-stop solution for billing & payment services that work together for you. BillFlash integration with your practice management system further reduces the steps for you to complete your work.

Online eBill

  • Send cost-saving paperless bills securely online
  • Customize accepted payment methods and messages
  • Expedite online payments


Online ePay

  • Patients pay you online
  • Patients can send messages to you with their online ePay
  • ePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report

Print & Mail

  • Send professionally printed bills via USPS First-Class Mail
  • Customize accepted payment methods, messages, and color
  • Simplify processing with payment coupons and return envelopes

In OfficePay

  • Process walk-in, mail, and phone payments*
  • Patients can see OfficePays online
  • OfficePays are included in your consolidated Payments Report

Send Bills In Minutes

Send traditional Mail, online paperless eBills, or Both at no extra cost!

Online eBill

Delivery Time
Approved bills are sent the same day.

Cost Savings

Typically you’ll save over 60% when you convert your mail over to paperless eBills.

Notice Emails

Customize your eBill Notice template that patients receive which alerts them to their new eBill and instructs them how to access it through MyProviderLink.com.

History Online for Patients

Your patients can easily find current and past bills online at MyProviderLink.com which saves you time responding to requests for a “lost bill”.

Print & Mail

Delivery Time

Approved bills are mailed the next day.

Payment Coupons and Return Envelopes

Each Mailed bill includes a Payment Coupon and Return Envelope which increases your payment cash flow and reduces your processing costs.

Address Updating

With the USPS’ National Change of Address (“NCOA”) service, your Mail will be automatically printed with any new addresses for undelayed bill delivery and you’ll get an Address Change Report to update your billing records.

Additional Medical Payment Services Features

Online ePay

24×7 Payments

Improve your cash flow and reduce your processing costs when your patients choose to pay you online through an ePay at MyProviderLink.com.

Patient Website

Your patients can find their online eBills and make online ePays through one convenient site at MyProviderLink.com.

Current Balances

Patients can see current balances which reflect any payments received by you through either OfficePay or ePay.

In OfficePay

Walk-in, Mail, and Phone Payments

Process traditional payments that are integrated with all BillFlash Services (including online ePay) and your billing application

Accept All Payments

You can accept Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, and Cash payments.

eCheck Conversion

You can easily convert paper checks to eChecks which simplifies your check processing.

Additional Features


We have been helping practices of all sizes and specialties since 1995. We offer the following products and services to help your practice operate more efficiently while increasing revenue.

Lytec Practice Management System

Since 1989, Lytec has been the leader in Practice Management software.

Lytec EDI

For electronic claims, online eligibility, and electronic payment posting.

CureMD Integrated PM & EHR

All-in-One Cloud platform integrates Electronic Medical Records with Practice Management, a patient portal, and an iPad app.

Medisoft Medical Billing Software

Medisoft offers an all-in-one interface combining scheduling and billing functions as well as integrated revenue management capabilities.

Medisoft EDI

For electronic claims, online eligibility, and electronic payment posting.


All-in-one communications platform including secure text messaging, online appointments, reminders, telemedicine, and more!

RCM Services

Medical billing and revenue cycle management.

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