EHR Implementation - top lessons you should learn
Medical records are at the center of every doctor’s practice, which makes an EHR implementation both critical and stressful at the same time.
Everything doctors do revolves around these records, so changing systems introduces an understandable level of stress. As long as you follow a few basic guidelines, you can trust that your EHR system will be up and running in an efficient manner shortly quickly and with minimal issues.

While Your Office is Going Through an EHR Implementation:

Plan Ahead – Any time you are working with software, the unpredictable is always possible. One thing you can do to stay prepared is to create a backup of your data before anything is changed on your current computer infrastructure. knowing you have access to the old records can help give you peace of mind.
A good medical software company will make sure that your practice’s computer hardware meets the qualifications for optimal performance of the new software now into the foreseeable future. This can save you considerable headaches own the road. By planning ahead and scheduling your installation by appointment, you can make the EHR implementation process much more manageable.


– Your expertise may lie well outside the realm of computers, software and information technology. You may have questions pop up about various aspects of your new software through the EHR implementation process. That’s to be expected.
Make sure you are asking those questions and getting the answers you need. It’s also critical for all parties to communicate, and understand the perspective goal, plan, and outcome of the installation process. The better your office staff and physicians understand the software, the more they will be able to get from it.

Consult With a Local IT Professional

– It’s always good to have a local IT professional on location during the installation process. This can help when there are additional permissions needed within the computer’s operating system. A local IT professional can also help you answer any related questions that may arise during the EHR implementation and ensure the right questions are asked by the provider.


If you can follow these strategies and rely on the resources around you, there’s a stronger likelihood of a smooth transition and further success with your new EHR software system.
If you’re still feeling stressed through the implementation process, it can help to remind yourself why you originally made the change. The new software will make your office and your patient appointments more efficient. There is a tremendous upside to streamlining your computer system.
If you have questions about the EHR implementation process, or how new software will benefit your practice, contact us today!