Enhancing Patient Engagement

With the healthcare marketplace rapidly changing, it is of the utmost importance that medical practices have the technological resources to help increase patient engagement. Not only will some of these tools enhance communications, but they can also have a direct effect on patient loyalty.
Over the years, patients have taken a more active interest in their healthcare options and plans.  Most will say that healthcare consumerism is on the rise whereas patients want to be more involved in the selection of their healthcare provider, treatment options, and knowledgeable when speaking with a medical professional.
After all, most patients seek the guidance and education a medical office provides so they can feel better about their short and long-term health goals.  How does this information get delivered to the patient?
MediPro offers a product called Curogram which has helped medical offices improve upon the frequent touchpoints a patient may need to feel like an important member of their own care team.
For example, a doctor’s office can quickly send the patient a 2-Way text message with instructions before an appointment or include a piece of information that would benefit the patient’s health profile.  This opens up the door to real-time communication possibilities and minimizes the need for using traditional business processes like the phone, fax, or mail service.
Secondly, Curogram can bring automation to the forefront with its online appointment scheduling feature and reminders solution.  What patients wouldn’t want to go online and select their preferred time and date to see their healthcare provider or receive electronic appointment reminders?
Lastly, patients can stay connected to their medical office through the use of Telemedicine.  At the beginning of the pandemic, telemedicine usage increased two-fold and it seemed like the only patient visit medium when Covid-19 became widespread.
In closing, a patient who is given the ability to communicate with their healthcare provider using technology will see the increased value of their patient experience and in turn, help strengthen their loyalty to your practice.