It appears that some users of a well-known Electronic Health Record (EHR) company are getting quite the jolt after a forced upgrade to a new software version which appears to have caused discord and work flow issues for some medical practices.
My extended empathies to those whose daily operations are greatly affected and continue the struggle. With the angry Internet posts I viewed from actual end users of this product, the company better wake up.  Even with a strong advertising arm, which can sway perception it doesn’t negate the fact that misery loves company.  Healthcare professionals simply have higher expectations of medical software functionality and stability.
It’s time to situate your practice with a sound medical software product that prides itself in helping providers and their staff electronically transition patient care, automate ancillary tasks, and offers flexible charting tools—all with a focus of minimizing keystrokes. Try seeking out a non-household named medical software which funnels its money into programming, development and user satisfaction.
Our company spent months looking for an affordable, cloud-based, single database Practice Management and Electronic Health Record software program to offer medical offices.  It helps to manage the front and back operations, addresses increased patient communication demands, and offers a real-time user experience.  Is there some bias?  You bet there is because I have seen what is out in the marketplace for independent practitioners to choose from.
Maybe you should consider taking off those free sunglasses you picked up from an overly anxious EHR vendor’s trade show booth and see who and what is out there to take your medical practice competently into the future.
Dana Deardorff is the Office Administrator at MediPro, Inc.  She is working toward her 13th year in the medical software industry and specializes in the many challenges independent physicians face in today’s healthcare marketplace.