The Patient Experience

The Pandemic Push

With the emergence of the Covid pandemic, healthcare professionals were left searching for all-encompassing tools to assist their offices with continued care. Across the country, telemedicine services became a lifeline for providers as they were challenged to provide a high level of virtual visits to their patients.

Over a year later, medical practices continue to look for one product that can handle the varied demands of a fast-paced industry. Enter Curogram’s Front Desk Suite. This diversified solution extends Telemedicine services, 2-Way Texting, Appointment Reminders, Electronic Patient Intake Forms, Online Appointment Scheduling, and more.

Patient Texting Works

2-Way Texting to patients and providers alike is becoming a very popular choice for technology forward practices. Patients are busy with meetings, kids, shopping, etc. A simple text from your office allows your patient to respond on their own time, whenever they are free. Typically, patients prefer to text rather than sit on hold via phone for even 15 seconds. One Pediatric physician actually used his text messaging service to help circulate patient notifications regarding past-due bills and it worked out well for him!

Minimize Waiting Room Delays

The Front Desk Suite makes electronic patient forms and general paperwork significantly easier to provide, organize, and file. Let’s face it, no one likes to sit in a waiting room and complete pages of paperwork before their appointment. This way, the forms can be filled out and submitted prior to the visit for processing.

Automate Your Schedule

Today’s patients are shifting more toward taking control of their healthcare planning. Not only do automated appointment reminders via voice, e-mail, and text help reduce no-shows by 75%, patients can also schedule their own appointments online. Based upon your practice schedule, patients can select their provider, view appointment openings, and reserve a preferred time and date for their visit. This open availability can also lessen the likelihood of an appointment being missed or having a non-punctual patient.

Front Desk Suite streamlines scheduling and front desk operations by utilizing an easy-to-read dashboard. This “front page” allows you to, at a glance, tell which patients are scheduled for when, what their appointment is for, and organizes all communications with that patient as well.

Direct Communication

Exchanging confidential information can be a challenging aspect of practicing medicine. The encryption that the Front Desk Suite provides guarantees that the data transferred between provider and patient remain private. Many privacy laws make electronic messaging difficult for hospitals and doctor offices. Encrypted and direct messaging also allows patients to text simple messages which will ensure the provider sees the message exactly as the patient intended it. This line of communication also allows the care team to share information more securely and directly than they would be able to otherwise.

Increase your online presence

One innovative benefit of Curogram is that it can encourage 5-star reviews with the Survey and Rating Requests feature. It also allows providers to easily solicit patients to fill out surveys regarding their satisfaction with the quality of care they received. Also, this service can provide notifications of unhappy patients to help prevent those hard to reverse bad reviews.

The Curogram Front Desk Suite not only brings options to medical offices, but it is also the future of communication through automation. Most practice users refer to this solution as their virtual assistant which helps to manage patient traffic, reduce phone calls by 50% and increase patient satisfaction which contributes to the ultimate patient experience.