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iGuard Online Backup

The MediPro Storage Backup & Recovery Service helps prevent the loss of your critical computer files. Secure, scheduled backups are performed automatically each night over your existing Internet connection.

Get up and running quickly with our easy-to-use, set it and forget it Storage Backup & Recovery software.


  • We use the “Highly Durable” Amazon S3 storage infrastructure to store data which Guarantees data recovery which others can’t.
  • A cross-platform and high-performance backup that protects your system, data, files and applications in both physical and virtual environments – and provides a single point of management for your entire client base.
  • Backup Desktops, Laptops, Windows and Linux Servers, Business-critical applications such as SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint and MySQL.
  • Restore your files and systems in minutes, anytime, anywhere. Multiple recovery points to restore business applications (like MySQL, Exchange etc.) instantly to a specific point in time.
  • iGuard Online Backup complies to the industry-recognized certifications and audits such as PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, and SAS 70 Type II in safely processing, storing and securing data.  All data is encrypted at the source, while in flight and at rest with military-grade encryption

All Storage Backup & Recovery Plans Include:

  • Initial setup of the backup software
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • Assistance with restoring data files
  • Open and locked file support
  • Daily backup status reports

For more information, please call 800.759.1321 opt. 2 or contact us online!