Alliance Enhances Two Best-of-Breed Systems for Small Physician Practices

proclaimed an extension of its non-exclusive relationship with one of the head providers of (EMR) electronic medical record systems, MediNotes Corporation. Together with Per-Se’s practice management systems, both companies will provide a completely integrated, best-of-its-kind information solution designed for small physician practices across the US. Per-Se will continue to provide its practice management solutions, Medisoft or Lytec, together with MediNotes EMR to distribute a comprehensive and lucrative patient and office management suite. This alliance gives Lytec or Medisoft customers the option to thoroughly integrate MediNotes EMR with their practice management software for a reasonably priced scheduling, billing and clinical information system.

 Donald G. Schoen said, “MediNotes and Per-Se share a common goal to bring intelligent solutions to physicians,” Donald G. Schoen is the CEO and president, MediNotes Corporation. “Continuing to pair our EMR with Per-Se’s Lytec and Medisoft systems presents a robust solution that is accessible to small physician groups.”

“The size of your practice should not limit your access to affordable and intelligent practice management solutions,” said Steve Kilguss who is the senior vice president and general manager of Per-Se’s practice management solutions, Physician Solutions Division. “By working with an EMR leader, we are bringing more functionality to more than 100,000 physicians who currently use our systems. And we’ll continue to explore opportunities to further simplify the administrative complexities of healthcare business.”

 This total solution, which is used by physicians, also gets the added benefit of e-Prescribing transaction processing services. This access assists in facilitating pharmacy and prescriber communications for electronic prescription drug orders and refill authorizations. The main provider of business management outsourcing solutions, Per-Se’s Physician Solutions division assists physicians in attaining their income potential with its Connective Healthcare solutions.

Per-Se’s unique team of operations managers, regulatory specialists and certified coders with specialty-specific reimbursement expertise directs physicians through the business complexities of healthcare to help maximize profits and minimize costs. Connective Healthcare intelligence for physicians utilizes an amalgamation of groundbreaking technology, best practices and business intelligence that streamlines income cycle management processes to speed reimbursement for a selection of clinical specialties. The division also provides Lytec, Medisoft and MedAxxis practice management solutions for physicians.

 Per-Se Technologies (NASDAQ: PSTI) is the leader in Connective Healthcare. Connective Healthcare solutions from Per-Se help empower physicians, pharmacies and hospitals to accomplish their income potential by developing an environment that streamlines and simplifies the complex administrative burden of providing healthcare. Per-Se’s Connective Healthcare solutions assist in the reduction of administrative expenses, augmenting revenue and accelerate the movement of funds to benefit providers, payers and patients. MediNotes Corporation is a leader in electronic medical record solutions for primary care and specialty medical practices and presently serves more than 3,800 installed sites and more than 15,000 users all over the nation. The improvements of MediNotes e Electronic Medical Records are based on the requirements and propositions of users along with the competitive EMR landscape.