Medical EMR Software Issues | Electronic Medical Records

The problem why the United States has so few hospitals and practices that use medical EMR software is that the healthcare industry spends a measly two percent of the total remedies to the development and usage of medical EMR  software. One of the main problems is adding older records and changing them to digital format. This takes a lot of work and time as there are tens of millions of patients around the United States with healthcare records. Another concern of using medical EMR software is the privacy. Because of it’s interoperability, the medical EMR software system allows all medical personal that uses these programs and have access to each other to also have access to personal medical records. While before only your doctor or a specialized nurse had direct access to your personal medical record, with the new medical EMR software almost anyone working in the healthcare system can have access to them.
This can proves to be more beneficial then harmful though. Another issue concerning medical EMR software is the technological limitations. In order for medical EMR software to function properly, a lot of hospitals need to have performance hardware and also a trained staff that can take full advantage of the medical EMR software. The personnel training is another major factor that cannot only be done by putting more money into. Some physicians simply refuse to work with medical EMR software as they prefer the classic and time consuming pen and paper method.