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Medical Accounting and Billing

You have probably heard by now of medical accounting and billing and you have maybe a basic idea what it refers to, especially if you work in the medical field. However, many people have a wrong idea about what medical accounting and billing is and they often equate it with medical transcription or medical coding. But all three are separate and distinct from each other. It is true that they are somewhat related but to make it clear, medical transcription refers solely to transcribing doctor’s noted while medical coding deals strictly with codes.
The medical accounting and billing system refers to a practice management that involves front office skills, insurance claims processing, making decisions concerning the financial aspects of a practice and all these emphasis on billing and medical accounting. Compared to medical transcription and coding, medical accounting and billing are wider in scope and broader in their range of responsibilities. For example, the front desk work implies more responsibilities that one can imagine at first and these responsibilities mean acting as an executive secretary to the practice, dealing in clerical work such as patient scheduling, clearing appointments, documenting patient visits, recording diagnostic and treatment procedures and organizing medical records using a software program.
The job of the accounting and billing professionals starts with the office visit where they will handle everything from scheduling appointments to making sure that the patient makes it to his appointment. After the doctor sees the patient and depending on the services provided and the examination, he will then create and update the patients’ medical record. The way they organize these records is according to a system earlier adopted by the practice.

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