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Manual vs. Software Practice Management System

Although it might sound strange to some, the medical industry is a business, an even a profitable one. The costs involved, as well as the profits, are usually dependent on the size of the respective practice, the number of users and the competition. Furthermore, a good practice management system can help you decrease the costs and increase the profits.
The first thing to consider when you are thinking about how to efficiently establish a practice management system is how to avoid errors. If you rely on a manual or simple billing system, then you should know that most errors come from this side of your business. Usually, claims are generated and reviewed by a member of your staff. Then, he/she has to remember and apply the specific procedure the payer requires, mail the claim, and wait for it to be confirmed. In many cases, the confirmation comes in an average period of 30 days, and it is frequently denied due to some data errors. The whole process has to start over again, with numerous losses on your business’ behalf.
If, on the other hand, you rely on a practice management system operated by software, things get a lot easier. You no longer have to wait for your employee to generate, review and sent the claim. Instead, the claim is automatically generated and e-mailed to the payer. Furthermore, you receive a report within a few hours showing you the state of the claim, whether it had errors or not, whether it was properly received and registered or not, and so on. Another advantage of the practice management system is the fact that it provides flexible billing cycles as well as the ability to build rules for the specific requirements of the payer. This way, you can rely on your computer to remember all the particular details of the payments. Then, the practice management system also provides flexible claim formatting, missing element tracking, online reformatting, and a multitude of other user friendly functions that only make things easier for you and your employees.
Of course, the improvements brought by the practice management system briefly described above are numerous and they have to do with time, stress and money. You’ll easily see how your cash flow will no longer be delayed, your clients will be more satisfied and you business will grow.

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