The ICD-10 Training Methods You Can Start Now

Posted by steelersmb
July 16, 2013

– Brought to you from the Power Your Practice Blog

1. Review and Quiz
Keep the quizzes relatively short and pressure-free – some people don’t test well under pressure. The tests are meant to help your staff retain knowledge and allow you to gauge their ICD-10 readiness, not make them experts in a  two-week period.

2. Attend Webinars
Webinars are great due to the depth of information received at the convenience of the webinar attendee. Webinars usually involve slides similar to a PowerPoint, except there is also a speaker elaborating on the slides for the attendee. Thorough explanations are important for a complex subject like ICD-10.

3. Gamify Training
Gamification is one of the trendiest terms in education right now. Gamification simply means applying game mechanics to non-game situations to motivate behavioral change.