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ICD-10 Basics for Medical Practices (cms.gov)

The switch to ICD-10 may seem far in the future but don’t let it sneak up on you. Prepare now to avoid panic before the deadline hits!
1. Identify your current systems and work processes that use ICD-9 codes
2. Talk with your practice management system vendor about accommodations for ICD-10 codes
3. Discuss implementation plans with all your clearinghouses, billing services, and payers to ensure a smooth transaction
4. Talk to payers about how ICD-10 implementation might affect your contracts
5. Identify potential changes in work flow and business processes
6. Assess staff training needs
7. Budget for time and costs related to ICD-10 implementation, including expenses for system changes, resource materials, and training
8. Conduct test transactions using ICD-10 codes with your payers and clearinghouses

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