The Patient Experience

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The Pandemic Push With the emergence of the Covid pandemic, healthcare professionals were left searching for all-encompassing tools to assist their offices with continued care. Across the country, telemedicine services became a lifeline for providers as they were challenged to provide a high level of virtual visits to their patients. Over a year later, medical… Read more »

Medical Billing Services 2019

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Medical Billing Services 2019 For smaller medical practices and clinics, medical billing services are often an ideal alternative to tying up a small staff on revenue cycle management using EHR software. This article presents the advantages of using a medical billing and management service in the United States. What are Medical Billing Services? As the… Read more »

Medical Billing Software 2019

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Medical Billing Software Learn about the advantages of using medical billing software to improve your revenue cycle management process. What is Medical Billing and Coding Software? In a nutshell, it is software to facilitate efficiency in creating, filing, tracking, and recording payments for healthcare services. Medical billing software has traditionally been a program installed on… Read more »

Using Price as Your Top Search Criteria for Medical Software Can Backfire

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Price is Not the Most Important Factor A fact in life is that everyone has a budget and is looking to save where they can. Saving money and finding deals are both prudent and often smart but is going with the lowest-priced good or service always the best idea? We would argue that it isn’t…. Read more »

Cyber Attacks – Avoiding The WannaCry Ransomware

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Cyber attacks can be devastatiing to any business. This is a growing threat that includes the new and dangerous WannaCry Ransomeware hacking. On Friday the WannaCry Ransomware attack  affected over 75,000 machines in 99 countries across Europe.  This was one of the largest and most damaging cyberattacks in history.  This attack affected hospitals, major companies and… Read more »