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Ringing in Zip, Zero, Zilch

For those I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting with in the first 15 days of the month, Happy New Year!  I’m excited about what 2016 will bring to medical practices and billing services over the next 350 days.
After peering inside the plethora of healthcare news, I found some recurring hot topics that we’ll want to pay attention to this year.  Items like maintaining practice independence, Interoperability, Meaningful Use Stage 3, the software replacement market, cybersecurity, patient consumerism, and always at the top of the list—reimbursement rates.  Despite constant trending and fluctuating interest levels, we will always do our best to keep you informed.
Zero Dollars
Also, did you know that MediPro, Inc. recently celebrated 20 years of providing Practice Management as well as Electronic Health Records software programs, and related services to physicians across the country?  The celebratory month of December 2015 is one we’ll never forget!  If you have been following our company throughout the years, you’ll nod your head freely in agreement that we are always pushing boundaries when it comes to progressive healthcare technology, new offerings, and affordability.
This is one reason I am super-excited to be announcing this opportunity. With independent practitioners in mind, MediPro is thrilled to offer a new program called Zip, Zero, Zilch that alleviates initial out-of-pocket costs. Drumroll please…pay $0 upfront for the future generation of PM/EHR medical software, CureMD.  I’ll spare us all by arguing the “sounds too good to be true” adage however, by meeting the qualifications of this program, your practice can acquire a complete cloud-based front to back office software solution that includes project management, implementation, training, template customization, clearinghouse services, a healthcare patient portal, appointment reminders by text/e-mail, and more! The only payment you’ll make is a monthly fee and rest assured, it won’t break the bank!
Look at it this way, we aren’t keeping up with the Jones’ but we are setting the precedence for a successful future of managing patient data, conducting daily practice operations, maintaining government compliance, getting paid, happier staff, and the need to remain profitable.
Ok, seriously now that the fanfare is over with, I highly recommend contacting MediPro, Inc. at 1.800.759.1321 opt 2 to learn more about this award-winning system or to receive a personalized demonstration of the CureMD software.
Cheers to 2016 and may you and yours enjoy good health, new adventures, and limitless prosperity!
Dana Deardorff is the Office Administrator at MediPro, Inc.  She is working toward her 12th year in the medical software industry and understands the many challenges independent physicians face in today’s healthcare marketplace.  

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