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The Psychiatric practice I work for which has several different locations has been with Medipro using the EHR system CureMD for 5 years now. Sherry has been our contact person for those 5 years and I can honestly say Sherry and the customer service team at Medipro provide outstanding service, 10 stars! Whether by email, instant chat, or telephone they are available! Thank you Medipro!

Julie Cremeans Avatar
Julie Cremeans

We are a specialty small practice. We have been with Medipro/CureMD for almost 19 years! Great company, with a great supportive staff! Sherry is just the best! Whenever I have a question, she usually has an answer! If she opens a ticket, she always follows up to make sure the issue is resolved. One time, she saw our office phone number on her screen several times while she was in the middle of a meeting/task, she thought it might be urgent, so sent me an email and see if she could provide a solution through email. I don’t think I could find a better support system! They really care about their clients! I love to work with Medipro/CureMD.

Bei Tang Avatar
Bei Tang

We are an Orthopedic office and have been using MediPro for several years. MediPro has been exceptional in helping our office navigate CureMD. Medipro is responsive, efficient, and professional. Sherry always answers my questions in a timely manner, responds to emails promptly, and answers my calls. She guides me through the process of adding new services, tackling day-to-day issues, and resolving technical issues with printing and scanning within CureMD. Regardless of the issue, MediPro takes the time to listen and provides a solution. Our positive experience with CureMD has been created by the helpful people at MediPro. CureMD and MediPro, we highly recommend them!

Ashley Rimsnider Avatar
Ashley Rimsnider

I have used this company for our emr and pm software needs for over 15 years. Their staff is excellent and they are able to create solutions for complex needs in the medical field to suit practices of all sizes.

Michael Dixon Avatar
Michael Dixon

I am a Pediatric Billing Manager and my Practice has been using MediPro, Inc. for eight years. MediPro's services have always exceeded my expectations as far as quality is concerned. My phone calls are answered promptly and my issues are, when possible, resolved before we hang up. They have gone above and beyond to accommodate us many times. Even working with us before and after office hours to get things done.
Something happened recently that prompted me to leave this review. As everyone knows, crashing is your worst nightmare. We had made the decision, with Marc Beck's recommendation to purchase iGuard off site back up. For a minimal monthly fee we decided better safe than sorry. In March of 2021 we crashed. Devastating, we thought. Marc Beck and his team had us up and running the very next morning! As I previously stated they always go above and beyond, but this took the cake. We were so appreciative of everything they did to make this happen so quickly.
We have established a wonderful working relationship with MediPro and I HIGHLY recommend them.
Thank you Marc, Keith, Joe, Dana and Michelle

Susan Zettler Avatar
Susan Zettler

MediPro always does such a great job! Very reliable and professional. Our office runs so much better with the transparency that CureMD provides, courtesy of MediPro!

Erin Hansen Avatar
Erin Hansen