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I want to thank you all so much for your amazing tech support and awesome customer support!

Focus Medical Billing
Brandi, Owner

There aren't words to describe how much I am going to miss having y'all as my practice management folks.  We have been with Lytec since 1992 and you guys have been great to work with.   The support we have received has been excellent.

Sanford Hartman, MD
Kathy, Office Manager

Dana, I just wanted to say that when I contact MediPro it is because I have a problem I cannot solve on my own. Every time one of your service reps contacts me I always get my problem solved, they are kind and courteous, and they explain to me what went wrong. I especially want to give kudos to Robyn who was so patient with me during this last fiasco of mine. She truly made this terrible situation bearable. You must be doing something right to be able to keep employees of this quality. Thank you, Cindy

Atlanta West Gynecology
Cindy Abston

The staff at MediPro have been solid gold to work with over the past 6 years.

Sarah Heiner MD
Dr. Heiner

For 7 years I have worked on the Lytec system which I inherited from another physician. Prior to Lytec, I worked on Medical Manager and Med Master. Lytec is easier to use and makes common sense. It is affordable and in my opinion, a good over-all product.

Alicia Shields
Practice Administrator

I have experienced complete satisfaction with MediPro's support services! We had purchased a Lytec upgrade with another company. We had 30 days free support with them so when we couldn' t gather our claims at first and then could not transmit our claims without immediate rejections, we called on their support team. Two weeks into our back and forth with the other company's support team left us with no resolution and therefore no claims being able to be transmitted. I finally called MediPro and within minutes of being remotely logged into my system, they found several obvious errors with the Lytec upgrade. They corrected these errors immediately. We transmitted my claims and received a mass rejection of 365 claims. I forwarded this error message to MediPro and within 48 hours of my initial phone call, they had us remapped back to Lytec and we now have complete resolution and are up and running! I am beyond satisfied with the support service at MediPro! We will continue to utilize your services, lesson learned the hard way on our account with using a different company, and we will always recommend MediPro!

Amanda Brown
Billing Manager

I am the owner/operator of a tiny medical practice, and do everything that my office manager does not. I am a total pain in the neck regarding my software, super picky, and believe me, these guys are great! I want details, they get me details, they even offer me suggestions, and they always solve my problems. I feel like the folks on the other end of the phone are friends who are part of my team to give my patients excellent care and not merely voices on a phone.
I've been with MediPro for many, many years, and they have always be super helpful, and very cheerful as well.

Arlene H. Markowitz, M.D.

I just wanted to let you know how great Sherry has been for us with any issues that come up. Sherry is a true asset to your company and is always very courteous and professional and responds to our questions almost immediately. The support Sherry gives our clinic is awesome and I would recommend MediPro to anyone just based on how great she has treated us.

Barboursville Urgent Care
Jacob Short

The Lytec support staff at MediPro are nothing short of miracle workers. No problem is too big or too small to warrant their full attention. I have worked with many technical support groups and have yet to come across a team that comes to my rescue whenever I call, for whatever reason. You guys are top-notch and supportive, even in the midst of my panic meltdowns. You are the best!

Chrstine Tirman

Just a quick note to let you know that the trainer was very courteous and helpful. We had so much to learn in so little time. Hopefully MediPro will be able to guide us in the proper ways. Thanks again!

Cordial Care

I rarely write letters of commendation, but I am doing so today after my last positive experience yesterday with Will on your technical support staff. On both occasions he has been more than helpful; he has been both knowledgeable and candid regarding clearinghouse issues, and I really appreciate that. Support like this is the main reason I continue what is so far a 13-year relationship with MediPro. Sincerely, Courtney C. Brooks Jr., M.D.

Courtney C. Brooks Jr., M.D., P.C.

We appreciate that we can call a "live person" and not message in a chatbox. MediPro truly goes beyond the call of duty and helps its clients with healthcare solutions. Their staff specializes in project management and improving business and healthcare operations.

David Rocha
Office Manager

We have been using Lytec since 1993 and believe that some of our success can be attributed to the Lytec software. Our clients appreciate the monthly reports detailing their practice status. We tried other software and the reporting just was not up to Lytec's standards. The MediPro staff have been friendly and helpful. Thank you everyone and we look forward to the next upgrade.

Dena Hurst
Office Manager

My Billing Service has been a client of MediPro, Inc. since 2004. It never ceases to amaze me the friendly, caring team members like Will and Dana that are willing to help my company and clients navigate through the ever-changing healthcare industry. It is refreshing to know I can call anytime and receive a high level of service from MediPro no matter what. Keep doing what you are doing, it’s working!

DJD Medical Billing & Consulting Services

This letter is a statement of support for MediPro and Lytec. I am a Podiatrist who has been in practice for almost 20 years. I left a group practice a few years ago and started my own practice. At that time I was shopping for both a scheduling and billing software package and an electronic medical records (EMR) package. My attempt at due diligence led me to MediPro and Lytec as my scheduling and billing software option. I found Lytec both easy to interact with and figure out and relatively affordable. MediPro was always available to answer my questions and was aggressive in structuring a deal that worked to my advantage. I have respected their honesty and knowledge of computers and the software that MediPro supports. In conclusion, if I had to do it all over again, I would make the same decision to buy Lytec. I would definitely recommend MediPro as a resource to purchase Lytec from and more importantly as a form of support for your ongoing software needs.

East Cobb Foot & Ankle
Mark Light, DPM

My experience with MediPro has been nothing short of praiseworthy. As a customer since 2005, the staff at MediPro have been invaluable to my business and practice. I could not have run my practice and been so successful all of these years without the MediPro team. As a trusted partner for PM, EHR, Meaningful Use and Clearinghouse hosting, there's not anything more that I can say other than THANK YOU!!!

Eric Lullove, DPM

Excellent service and awesome availability. We are totally satisfied and look forward to this working relationship.

Georgia Orthotics & Prosthetics

Thank you so much for your persistence! I made a lot of initial contacts but you maintained “no pressure” communication from start to end. I hope your company appreciates the true asset that you are to them. Thanks again!

Harold Jordan, MD

I want to sincerely thank you for making my recent visit to your office a most pleasant one. The training during my stay was excellent - I feel much better prepared to assist our group in taking full advantage of our new software. Your hospitality was extraordinary - I felt welcomed into your (MediPro) family. Finally, I was reassured by the expedient and professional manner with which any technical issues were handled as they arose.

Jason Servatius, ND

After a 13 year partnership, the team at MediPro continues to amaze me with their dedication to service, cost-conscious product offerings and scope of knowledge within the healthcare industry. Outstanding and wonderful are the first two words that come to mind when I describe my MediPro experience. If you are looking for a company that truly cares about the success of your practice, I would encourage you to contact them.

Kennestone Neurology

I am the Office Manager for the Naturopathic Medical Clinic. Over the last several months Erika Gilbert has been instrumental in convincing my boss to switch over to Lytec. I used it for 13yrs before my husband closed his practice in 2013. So I know its a good program. But without Erika's help I would never have gotten Dr. Plunkett to move forward with it. She has been great to deal with and complain to when I was hitting a brick wall with my boss. Since getting her to agree to switch, Erika has made sure all steps are moving forward and going as smoothly as possible. She is a great saleswoman and deserves some serious back-patting for all her work.

Kris Currier

Everyone that I have dealt with is kind, professional and enjoy working with all of them. Great staff!!!!!

Lakewood Chiropractic Offices

I am really happy with MediPro services overall starting with Lytec. I want to keep that healthy relationship forever and would always recommend you guys to anyone.

Lenawee Adult and Pediatric Medicine

Thank you for all of your help with our recent upgrade of Lytec and switch to MediPro. The support has been both professional and exceptional. I have confidence going forward that the MediPro team will always be there for us. Thanks again and keep up the great service!

Madelia Chiropractic

Support totally saved Tropical MedBill - brought us back from a near-death experience. I will recommend MediPro to any practice group on my client list. Thanks again!

Mike Hyde

I wish I had known about your company sooner! Your quality of service is the gold standard and I am astonished (but grateful) at how reasonable your charges are. I am switching over to your electronic claims submission today!

Millennium Billing Solutions

As usual, issue resolved immediately. Always feel we are in the best care with MediPro!

North Carolina Medicine

This is the fourth or fifth time we have had the opportunity to work with your staff in setting up a new and improved version of Lytec for our office. We are providers of massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic. In business for 30 years, we are always reliant on allies within and without. Your staff has been truly professional, helpful, tolerant and kind to boot. They finished the installation with me with the proper amount of business mindedness and personality that made this whole process way more comforting than might have been the case without an upper management focus on customer outcomes. We are lucky to have chosen to buy from you and discover the secret of your success.

Northern New Mexico Health Center

Sherry was awesome, incredibly informative, and exceedingly helpful. Thank you for setting up that training for us as she was great.

Pulmonology Practice

I am co-owner of a 2 physician practice, which opened in 2004. My practice was riddled with bad debt and incomplete AR claims. This service has literally saved my practice. They rapidly cleaned up my bad debt. They helped us install an EHR system and meet Medicare CMS guidelines for Meaningful Use, which earned my practice extra income. The IT support is outstanding. I would highly recommend them to my colleagues in medical practice.

S. Mark Watson, MD

My name is Dr. Zappala and I am a Chiropractor in Southern California. I run a high-tech, multi-disciplinary wellness center. Our IT infrastructure is very sophisticated, so we were very picky when it came to choosing a new EHR software as well as product support. We are a paperless office both with charting and billing and we were looking for a complete package (EHR product and service) that would meet our needs and expectations. in 2006, we were interviewing companies and one of those companies was MediPro. Their product was of great interest to us because it came from the medical world and was adapted for Chiropractors. This was very useful to us with the different types of providers that we have in our facility. In addition to the product, we were interested to see what kind of support MediPro offered. The team helped us roll out our new EHR software. They spent many hours helping me customize the product. They even created some of the templates for us. MediPro provided us with extraordinary support and an EHR product that is well designed and allows for maximum customization. I am writing this review almost six years after purchasing the software and I am still extremely satisfied with the product and the support couldn't be any better.

Southwest Health Professional Cetner

Thank you for excellent service. Keith was very helpful with my questions regarding ICD-10 Codes. I was able to get my billing up to date.

Steven L. Gotlib, M.D.

I think your entire team is extraordinary in every way. Once again, I so appreciate your expertise and professionalism, and I will be forever grateful to the staff at MediPro. Thank you all so very much. You are all so kind and supportive, and that is important to me. Your quick action always saves me from disaster. You have a great team, and I wouldn't think of working with any other. I just love working with all of the MediPro team. They are awesome, and I appreciate all of them. When I call and speak with Dana, it is like talking to family.

Tigges and Associates

I have been very happy with customer service and technical support when I have used it. Always friendly and go the extra mile to answer questions.

Westosha Family Chiropractic