Many overlook this when it comes to an EHR

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After 11 years of being in the medical software industry, I’ve seen many trends and spoken with hundreds of physicians in a variety of medical specialties.  Most of them have common goals of digitizing patient information with progressive technology which can result in streamlining daily operations, getting rid of paper, enhancing the range of charting… Read more »

5 Ways to Increase Payer Reimbursements for Your Medical Practice

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Many medical practices are looking for ways to increase payer reimbursement as they adjust to the new health care industry landscape. You may have noticed that some of the latest trends (2013, 2014) have increased the financial pressures experienced by medical practices. The number of Medicaid patients has increased, but processing the claims for these… Read more »

8 Signs Your Practice Management Software is Outdated

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Are you concerned that your practice management software is outdated? If so, you’re not alone. A 2014 survey conducted by Software Advice has concluded that 63 percent of the medical practices that are already using practice management software are looking to buy new software this year. Not sure if it’s time to trade in your… Read more »

The Patient Portal: Your 24-Hour Virtual Employee

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Many medical practices doubt the benefits of a patient portal. They think they won’t have time to deal with the influx of notifications or doubt that patients will even use the portal. However, as patient portals become more and more common, practices are realizing that the portal actually acts like a 24-hour virtual employee, streamlining… Read more »

Unhappy With Your EHR/EMR?

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Have you invested in an EHR/EMR but are unhappy with the results?  Are you frustrated with your new system?  Getting complaints from your staff?  The following are common complaints medical providers have about their EHR/EMRs and solutions for these obstacles. Your EHR Inhibits Instead of Streamlines Office Workflow If your new software gets in the… Read more »

Need Help Attaining Meaningful Use Stages 1 & 2?

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Have you considered upgrading to an EHR/EMR system that is certified for Meaningful Use so you can qualify for incentive payments?  Have you already qualified for Meaningful Use Stage 1, and now you’re struggling to attest for Stage 2?  Wherever you are in the process – just getting started or halfway to attestation for Stage… Read more »

Why EHR/EMR Usage Rose 21% in 2013

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If you run a small medical practice, you may be skeptical of the move to Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records. You might think there’s a lot of hype around the topic of Meaningful Use and going digital. If you are still using paper records and limited software to run your office, asking your IT support… Read more »

Does the Use of Electronic Health Records Really Improve Medical Office Workflow?

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Are you considering investing in an EHR/EMR this year, but aren’t sure if switching to a new system is worth the hassle? Are you concerned that the transition will not actually improve your medical office workflow, but rather will be a burden on your staff? To answer these questions, we checked out studies on the… Read more »

Top Three Ways to Increase Patient Engagement Without Burning Out Your Staff

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As coding changes and regulation compliance issues continue to escalate, medical offices are searching for ways to handle the increasing demands. As physicians and office staff attempt to juggle the avalanche of requirements, patient-physician engagement can suffer. When your staff is too busy doing paperwork to properly greet patients, or when physicians become so overwhelmed… Read more »