Unhappy With Your EHR/EMR?

Have you invested in an EHR/EMR but are unhappy with the results?  Are you frustrated with your new system?  Getting complaints from your staff?  The following are common complaints medical providers have about their EHR/EMRs and solutions for these obstacles.
Your EHR Inhibits Instead of Streamlines Office Workflow
If your new software gets in the way more than it helps, you’ve got one of two problems going on.  Either your staff needs to be trained so they can use the software efficiently, or you invested in a clunky system that will always be difficult to use.  Your challenge is to determine which is true.  If the software is deficient, you will be best served if you shop for an EHR replacement sooner than later.  If the software itself is good, you will benefit from investing in comprehensive staff training to get everyone on board.
Your EHR Is Not Tailored to Your Specific Practice
Many medical offices, especially small practices, try to cut corners by buying one of the following:

  • Rudimentary software that isn’t expansive or inclusive enough to actually meet the needs of their office
  • Generic software that isn’t even industry-specific, and is more suited for an accounting office than a medical practice
  • EHR/EMR software that isn’t really designed for their specialty, but rather was designed for a large clinic or hospital

This causes problems that often cannot be surmounted without buying replacement software.  For example, if you run a podiatry office, you need to buy Medical Practice (MP) or EHR/EMR software that is created for a podiatry office, providing templates that will complement your office’s existing coding and documentation procedures.  Talk to a MediPro Inc. expert about your specific practice, including details about the size and scope of your practice, and we’ll direct you to software that is suited for your specific needs.
Your EHR Is Not Cost Effective
Are you not seeing the cost benefits you thought you’d receive?  Have you failed to attest for Meaningful Use, and, as a result, are missing out on valuable incentive payments?  Has your staff resisted proper use of the software?  Is that resistance costing you more in human hours than you anticipated?
You may need help from a trainer or consultant to determine how to make the best use of your electronic medical records.  In some cases, an expert may help you discover less expensive software that is better suited to your practice.  In other scenarios, you may simply need some training and help with the transition or attestation process.  You’ve invested a good chunk of money in your EHR.  Don’t give up before you realize the cost savings!
Need Help?
If you have already adopted an EHR/EMR but are not seeing improvements in your office workflow, you may simply be using the wrong system or need staff training.
The experts at MediPro, Inc. can help.  We’ve been in the business long enough to know what works for the many different types of medical practices.  Schedule a demo or contact us to get personalized information via our contact form.  We’ll help you determine why your new system isn’t working, and what changes need to happen to improve your workflow.