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Tropical Storm Isaac: Approaching the Florida Peninsula

Tropical Storm Isaac, expected to reach hurricane status later today, is approaching the Florida peninsula. As hurricanes have the potential to bring flooding rains, damaging winds and power outages, MediPro would like you to be informed that we are closely monitoring weather reports and we are prepared to provide support in case your organization is affected.
Our client care representatives are prepared to give top priority to calls from customers in areas affected by the hurricane. However, to protect your systems, please BE SURE YOUR BACK-UPS ARE ALL IN PLACE.
As with any healthcare provider, you play a critical role in your community. While you are fully committed to helping your community through times of natural disaster, at MediPro, we are fully committed to supporting you in every way we can. Please don’t hesitate to contact us ([email protected] or 800-759-1321) if there is anything you need.

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