The Pediatric EMR | Electronic Medical Records

When it first appeared it was a little more difficult to use because it did not include an easy way to introduce and accept additional information. But with a little aid fortunately a database was created; the pediatric EMR was created and is actually becoming a standard way of practice. Thus a doctor can now retrieve approximately 98% of his patient’s medical history, which include laboratory test and their results, cardiology tests and results, radiology tests and results and much more.
The mechanism of the EMR system is very simple. The information that hospitals and medical facilities are usually introducing into the computers can now be gathered from all these disparate systems and stored in a central location. The main concern remains the confidentiality of the information that is going to be stored and later available. But if you check all the records you will see that the management of EMR is addressed under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as many local laws.