The MediPro Difference

As part of our 100% commitment to help independent physicians capture the highest return on investment, MediPro provides comprehensive training and support that includes private, personalized instruction and interactive training and support options. Our remote support and ticketing system connects you to skilled trainers who can help you overcome project challenges and design training protocol based on staff and practice requirements.

What Differentiates MediPro from Other PM/EHR Solution Providers?

Our team is fully committed to helping healthcare professionals streamline the workflow, and enhance performance and practice outcomes. We understand even top-of-the-line solutions only perform as well as the humans who interact with the technology. Whether you need a training program to explain how to design reports and access analytics of your financial health, or a personalized service that helps your team review communication and collaboration processes, we can help. You’re never alone with MediPro as your partner.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss cost-effective solutions specifically designed for your team and your specialty. Please call 1-800-309-2708 or submit a request for a quote or demonstration at your earliest convenience.