Southwest Health Professional Cetner

My name is Dr. Zappala and I am a Chiropractor in Southern California. I run a high-tech, multi-disciplinary wellness center. Our IT infrastructure is very sophisticated, so we were very picky when it came to choosing a new EHR software as well as product support. We are a paperless office both with charting and billing and we were looking for a complete package (EHR product and service) that would meet our needs and expectations. in 2006, we were interviewing companies and one of those companies was MediPro. Their product was of great interest to us because it came from the medical world and was adapted for Chiropractors. This was very useful to us with the different types of providers that we have in our facility. In addition to the product, we were interested to see what kind of support MediPro offered. The team helped us roll out our new EHR software. They spent many hours helping me customize the product. They even created some of the templates for us. MediPro provided us with extraordinary support and an EHR product that is well designed and allows for maximum customization. I am writing this review almost six years after purchasing the software and I am still extremely satisfied with the product and the support couldn't be any better.