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Some ICD-10 Insight

LightbulbAt this point, it’s a good idea to conduct one last check to re-confirm if your payers will be ready to accept ICD-10 codes on 10/1, your respective clearinghouse testing has been completed, the physicians and staff in your group are comfortable with the new code set, and your medical software is ready.  If you are Lytec Practice Management software user with versions 2014 or 2015, consider yourself halfway there–most likely some mapping may be in order.  CureMD software users all have the same ICD-10 compliant version but there could be some finishing touches to work on as well.
Besides the MediPro Community and MediPro Blog, I ran across another good resource for all the Medicare Fee-For-Service Providers.  This page could certainly overstimulate your senses with information or be just what you’ve been looking for.  Click here to access.
For those who are close to becoming an ICD-10 expert or would simply like to reaffirm last minute inquiries, click here to view the ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the cms.gov website.
Well, the next few months will be the true test of claims, clearinghouses, and payers as undoubtedly there will be various outcomes experienced by all no matter how much preparation was conducted.  On the eve of September 30th, maybe I’ll feel another urge to post and wish everyone well, to stay calm and remember that MediPro, Inc. will be alongside of your practice during the transition.

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