Top Three Ways to Increase Patient Engagement Without Burning Out Your Staff

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As coding changes and regulation compliance issues continue to escalate, medical offices are searching for ways to handle the increasing demands. As physicians and office staff attempt to juggle the avalanche of requirements, patient-physician engagement can suffer. When your staff is too busy doing paperwork to properly greet patients, or when physicians become so overwhelmed… Read more »

Tips for Choosing Podiatry Templates

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If you are a podiatrist or run a podiatry office, you know how important it is to keep current with record keeping standards. You have to interact with hospitals, surgery centers, pharmacies and fellow medical practitioners. You also need to offer modern patient communication options and comply with ever-changing government medical practice regulations like HIPAA… Read more »

Concerned About Employee Resistance to New EMR Software?

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You’ve heard about the cost savings of using the right Medical Practice (MP) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. You know that thoseMeaningful Use incentive payments are going to help your practice stay afloat. You recognize the value of cutting man hours so you aren’t paying employees to do work that could be automated. You… Read more »

How to Choose Specialty Medical Practice Software

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If you work in a specialty medical practice like a podiatry or a chiropractic practice, you know that most specialty practices face unique challenges. You don’t have the expansive budget or support larger health care groups have. Providers that work in hospitals or group practices have office management staffs that support them and make decisions… Read more »

Tropical Storm Isaac: Approaching the Florida Peninsula

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Tropical Storm Isaac, expected to reach hurricane status later today, is approaching the Florida peninsula. As hurricanes have the potential to bring flooding rains, damaging winds and power outages, MediPro would like you to be informed that we are closely monitoring weather reports and we are prepared to provide support in case your organization is… Read more »

Review Important Questions and Answers about Registration for the EHR Incentive Programs

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After determining your eligibility for the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs, you should then register as early as possible for the Medicare and/or Medicaid program. CMS’ EHR Information Center is open to assist the EHR provider community with registration and other program-related inquiries. The center can be reached at 1-888-734-6433 (primary number) or 888-734-6563… Read more »

Take steps now to avoid 2013 e-prescribing penalty

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CMS is urging physicians to report on at least 10 electronic scripts (e-scripts) by June 30, 2012, to avoid the 2013 Medicare e-prescribing penalty that amounts to a 1.5 percent reduction from their Medicare Part B payments in 2013. Physicians can also file for a hardship exemption but must do so by June 30, 2012…. Read more »

165,592 Reasons to Implement an EHR Today!

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Improved Coding Down-coding and poor charge capture can both be improved through an EHR’s E&M Coder. A study by Medical Economics Magazine estimated that a physician who is regularly down-coding may be losing $40,000 to $50,000 annually. A study done by Partners Healthcare System found an increase of 1.5% to 5% in overall billing simply… Read more »