Save Money by Upgrading to Lytec 2015 Now


Save Money by Upgrading to Lytec 2015 Now!
With the recent sale of Lytec from McKesson to eMDs, we are very excited about the future.  We know that there is already new development being worked on for updates to Lytec 2015 as well as the next upgrade release.  There is not an exact release date but will likely be towards the end of this year.
If you are currently using Lytec 2014 it is in your best interest to upgrade now before the next version of Lytec is announced.  Upgrading from 2014 to 2015 is a 1VO upgrade and from 2015-2016 will be a 1VO upgrade when it is released.  If you wait, upgrading from 2014-2016 will be a 2VO upgrade which costs about one third more.  Please see below for a price comparison and savings.
Lytec 2014 Version
2015 Upgrade Price 2016 Upgrade Price (when available) Total Price If You Wait Until 2016 Release
Savings by Upgrading
Single $975.00 $975.00 $1950.00 $2857.00 $907.00
Multi $1235.00 $1235.00 $2470.00 $3620.00 $1150.00
$1249.00 $1249.00 $2498.00 $3948.00 $1450.00
5 User C/S $1444.00 $1444.00 $2880.00 $4520.00 $1640.00
10 User C/S $1932.00 $1932.00 $3864.00 $5950.00 $2086.00

If you are interested in upgrading or have any questions, please contact us at 800.759.1321 opt 2.

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