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Review Steps for Submitting Stage 2 Meaningful Use Data Through the Attestation System

May 16, 2014: From the CMS Newsletter
Review Steps for Submitting Stage 2 Meaningful Use Data through the Attestation System
Are you preparing to submit Stage 2 meaningful use data for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program? If so, CMS has recently posted the following step-by-step guides to help navigate the CMS Attestation System:

These guides provide instructions and important information that you will need in order to successfully attest, as well as helpful tips and screenshots to walk you through the process.
Note: While all providers begin their registration through the CMS Registration & Attestation System, Medicaid eligible professionals and Medicaid-only eligible hospitals must attest through their State Medicaid Agency’s website. Please visit the Medicaid State Information page to learn more.
Additional Stage 2 Resources
CMS has additional resources to help ensure your attestation will be successful:

For More Information
Visit the Registration and Attestation and Stage 2 pages for more information on how to successfully demonstrate meaningful use.

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