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RelayHealth reports over $25 billion in claims processed since October 1

Since October 1, RelayHealth Financial has successfully processed more than 13 million of your hospital and physician ICD-10 claims, totaling more than $25 billion. This is good news! WOW
“RelayHealth Financial has led the industry with investments such as a comprehensive ICD-10 testing program and ICD-10 Central’s real-time analytics dashboard to help ensure a smooth transition for providers,” said Joshua Berman, ICD-10 Director for RelayHealth Financial.
“Claims are flowing successfully, and now the industry must be ready to tackle the next set of challenges: timely and correct reimbursement. As always, RelayHealth is ready to help its customers build on their ICD-10 successes.”
You can monitor critical industry KPIs affected by ICD-10 on Among these metrics, Days to Final Bill is important to keep an eye on, as it indicates whether providers are generating claims using ICD-10 as efficiently as they did using ICD-9.
All metrics on are pulled from our analytics solutions. Additional metrics include Days to Payment, Denial Rate, and Reimbursement Rate.
Source: ICD-10 Update, RelayHealth Financial 10/20/15
**A Note From MediPro, Inc.  The RelayHealth clearinghouse is one of the most tightly integrated with the Lytec Practice Management software.  We’ve had a lot of practices make the switch over to this market-proven EDI solution from other clearinghouses.  Our Healthcare Consultants are happy to visit with you about the various monthly package/pricing options available to your group.  Call 1.800.759.1321 option 2

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