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Med-Ops Revenue Cycle Management is a unique billing service that is focused on one thing: To maximize your revenue for your practice as quickly as possible while helping to alleviate costs for your practice.

Medical Billing Services

Maximize collections, reduce your time to payment and better manager your expenses. Med-Ops will help you increase your revenue and improve your bottom line.

Specialized for Your Practices

Our staff of Certified Billing and Coding Specialists and Physician Practice Managers have experience in the following specialties:

- Behaviorial Health     - Dermatology - ENT
- Gastroenterology - General Surgery - OB/Gyn
- Oncology - Pain Management     - Pediatrics
- Primary Care - Pulmonology - Rheumatology
- Vascular    

At Med-Ops, We Offer the Following Services:

  • Claims submission
  • Denials and appeals management
  • Accounts receivables management
  • Billing, Coding and insurance follow-up
  • Billing compliance with Medicare, Medicaid, and other third party payors by staying on top of the latest changes in regulations and requirements
  • Online integrated practice management and electronic health records (EHR) system
  • Patient statements
  • Payment Posting
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Eligibility and benefits verification
  • Inbound patient calls - Billing questions


quote-leftside I have been a partner with Med-Ops since 2007. I am co-owner of a 2 physician practice, which opened in 2004. My first three years, we tried to do billing in house, which was a complete disaster. My practice was riddled with bad debt and incomplete AR claims. We had a medical billing and scheduling program through Lytec, and it was through them that I found Med-Ops. Med-Ops has literally saved my practice. They rapidly cleaned up my bad debt. They helped us install an EMR system and meet Medicare CMS guidelines for meaningful use, which earned my practice extra income. They have even helped me hire and train my staff. The professionals at Med-Ops are always available. They are punctual, pleasant, professional, and always eager to help me improve my practice. They meet with me and my staff regularly to discuss billing issues. The computer support system is outstanding. I would highly recommend
Med-Ops to my colleagues in medical practice. quote-rightside


- S. Mark Watson, MD 

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