Neurology Management Made Easy

Our Neurology Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software is customized to deal with the specific characteristics of a Neurologist and for treating all disorders of the nervous system. It allows you to easily record an encounter and monitor the administrative side of your practices. Our custom physical exam templates are already loaded in the system, reducing your cognitive workload and help you cater to a wide range of Neurology-related symptoms and illnesses.


Specialty Specific Content: (partial list)

- Neurological Custom Lists - Neurological Assessment/Plan
- Lab Order Custom Lists - Neruological Letters
- Procedure Order Custom Lists - Drug Interactions
- Radiology Order Custom Lists - Neurological PE
- Neurological ROS - Preventative Medicine


Practice Management System: Boost productivity with enterprise scheduling, eligibility, intelligent billing, denial management, accounts receivables, reporting and analytics, and more.  Sold as as stand-alone system or integrated with our award-winning EHR.

Clinical Documentation: When it comes to ease of clinical documentation, nothing beats our software. While our implementation consultants help you to create your own custom content, you can benefit from the readily available neurology specific exam and procedure reports.

e-Consents: Review, sign, print, fax and email directly from your the software.

Auto Note: Generate note automatically through customizable templates to save time and effort. Auto Note composes sentences and paragraphs according to selections and entries made during the encounter.

Health Maintenance: Automatically receive preventive care notifications, alerts and compliance reports.

Patient Portal: Promote patient wellness programs through preventive care advisories, care instructions and guidelines.

Electronic Orders and Results: Interface with labs to electronically transmit orders and receive results. Simplify decisions with automated flagging of abnormal results, analyze, track and trend results.

Enterprise Scheduling: A single, seamless interface optimizes resource utilization and appointment management across multiple locations, physicians, nurses and equipment. Eliminate duplicate entry, improve communication and conserve valuable staff time.

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CureMD Practice Management & Electronic Health Records


Enterprise scheduling Intelligent billing Workflow management KPI dashboards Gold Certified e-Rx
DICOM Imaging Clinical knowledgebase Clinical alerts Device connectivity Data mining reports
Patient Education Credit card processing Text messaging e-Labs e-Fax
Backup Security Updates Consulting E&M Coding

System can be purchased as an integrated PM/EHR suite or standalone PM/EHR system