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Dear Valued Customer,
MediPro would like to begin sending emails that are of value to our customers.  We understand how difficult it is to not only operate a small business but it’s even more challenging to operate a successful medical practice.  With decreasing revenues, increased costs and ever changing rules and regulations.
We work with hundreds of medical practices across the country and would like to start sharing ideas and feedback that are working well for others.  If you have any ideas or comments, please feel free to contribute and share your success stories.
Below, you will find various tips and tricks, industry related articles and more.  We hope you enjoy our newsletter.
Industry News
As we announced about a week ago, eMD’s is acquiring McKesson’s ambulatory products.  We want to make sure you understand that your software
IS NOT going away and neither is MediPro!


ur competitors have attempted to take advantage of this news by using messages of fear and doubt, all in an effort to have you buy their products.
Our commitment has been and will continue to be to support your products, as well as provide the highest levels of quality solutions for our customers.
Tips & Tricks
Lytec  PM
  • The F1 key on your computer keyboard is your forever Lytec friend.  Reference one of the best in-program help resources in the industry.  While in any Lytec screen, simply press F1 and it will bring up a guide explaining every field on that respective page.
  • Need help knowing where to enter information on the CMS-1500 form.  Simply search for Clickable CMS in the search box after pressing F1. 
  • When using the multi-view scheduler, you can keep all of your providers on the same day by clicking the “Apply To All Views” on the left side.
  • You can easily email other users inside of CureMD by clicking on the users name in the left hand column and when attaching the patient, it will save the email to the patient’s chart under “Messages”.  This is great tool for phone messages to the provider.


Did You Know?
Lytec PM
Did you know that Lytec offers the following add-on products and services to make your practice more efficient:

  • ePay – Allows you to collect patient payments online and have them automatically post into Lytec.  We have a lot of offices using this and they love how easy and quickly they receive patient payments.
  • Electronic Payment Posting – Easily post large EOB’s into Lytec automatically with a few simple clicks.
  • Automated Appointment Reminders. – Cut down on lost revenue due to missed appointments.  Automate your appointment reminders with a phone call, email, and/or text message.  Lytec is updated automatically with the patients response.
  • Electronic Patient Statements – Let BillFlash print, fold, stuff and mail your patient statements for one low cost.  Also includes email statements at no additional charge.
  • Credit Card Processing – Captured payments automatically post to patients accounts.
  • Batch Eligibility – Lytec will soon be releasing batch eligibility to verify patient benefits before seeing the patient so you know exactly what is covered.
For more information on any of these products or services
please contact us at 800.759.1321.
Lytec PM Upgrade
Lytec will soon be releasing some new features for Lytec 2015 and have already begun development on the next version of Lytec which should be released later this year.


If you are on Lytec 2014 or older, it is about 1/3 less expensive to upgrade to Lytec 2015 now before the next version is announced. Upgrading from Lytec 2014 to 2015 is considered a 1VO upgrade but upgrading from Lytec 2014 to Lytec 2016 is a 2VO upgrade and the price is about 3 times more.
This & That
Please make sure you are not only doing an internal backup but are also using a cloud backup service.  Also, make sure your backups are running.  You can’t just set them up and forget it as we have had two practices recently lose all of their data because their backup was not running.
If you are not doing a cloud based, offsite backup, we offer a very low cost option.  Please contact us for more information.

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