Medicare e-Prescribing Penalty: Phone Lines Now Open

March 29, 2012: CMS has confirmed that the QualityNet Help Desk is now prepared to take calls from physicians on the Medicare ePrescribing penalty. We understand that physicians have already attempted in the past few weeks to contact the Help Desk to discuss their individual situation which resulted in a 2012 penalty, but in many cases were turned away. CMS has been working diligently with the Help Desk to ensure that a physician’s case is adequately reviewed. CMS wants physicians to know that the issues they are having are being examined.

As CMS has indicated late last week, although there is no formal appeals or review process for the ePrescribing penalty, they encourage physicians with questions or concerns about their penalty and/or hardship exemption request to contact CMS’ QualityNet Help Desk as soon as possible. CMS is handling all penalty and/or hardship exemption requests and any questions or concerns on a case-by-case basis.

Physicians should continue to contact the QualityNet Help Desk if they have issues relating to the ePrescribing penalty. If a physician has previously contacted the QualityNet Help Desk and their case has been resolved to their satisfaction, the physician does not need to contact the QualityNet Help Desk again.

The QualityNet Help Desk can be reached M-F; 7:00 am – 7:00 pm CMT at 866-288-8912 or via email at [email protected].

NOTE: If a physician continues to experience problems with the Help Desk, CMS is encouraging physicians to email their concerns directly to Medicare at [email protected].