Medical Billing Software Manuals

Medical billing is complicated enough even without having to know every inch of your Lytec billing softwareby heart. Because of all the complexities involved, medical billing training manuals are not only critical but they’re also enormous. As a matter of fact, most billing software manuals are shipped in parts. In your Lytec billing software manual, you’ll find your instructions for setting up your databases. This is where you will find out how to enter data for doctor files, inventory files, patient files and others. This section of the Lytec billing software manual will usually have diagrams of each data entry screen so the user will know where each field is and also, a complete description of each field will be included as well.The next set of Lytec billing software manuals will usually focus on how to do billing, whether it be through printing out HFCA forms or sending claims electronically. Some medical billing training manuals have these sections separated, while in addition to that, most software companies provide a separate manual plus record specifications for each carrier that is being billed. In many cases, where a company has a large customer base and bills many different carriers, there may exist as many as five or six different medical billing manuals or more. And if all that isn’t enough, there is usually a whole Lytec billing software manual dedicated to troubleshooting the system in case there are problems. The reason a software company will go through all that trouble is to cut down on the number of support calls that they get, as each call takes up man hours, which is a lot more expensive than actually printing out a manual. And to top all this off, most companies have online versions of these manuals in case the hard copies get damaged.