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Medical Billing and Accounting

Medical practice billing professionals are some of the unsung heroes of the industry, as doctors and nurses rely on these people to ensure the medical accounting is taken care of. The industry grows more complex by the minute, which is making it necessary for medical accounting departments to have some knowledge of treatments as well as billing codes. This makes modernized billing software one of the most important tools in a medical practice, even though it is not often thought of by the average patient. While the patient lists continue to grow for every medical practice, so must the medical billing solutions. The medical practice billing department at many offices are more knowledgeable than those in the past, to ensure that the treatments prescribed match up with the diagnoses the patient is billed for. If the medical accounting people only know the codes, there is far too much room for human error.
The understanding of common treatments in the medical practice billing profession is so important because the people doing the medical accounting are responsible for more than just paperwork. They have to present insurance companies and health maintenance organizations with the medical accounting paperwork required for the physician to get paid. Ignorance of the medical field by these professionals could be very detrimental to the medical practice. In medical practice billing, matching the medical accounting codes with the diagnosis codes is often the main criteria used by insurance companies and HMOs when deciding on medical practice billing payments. If the medical accounting is done incorrectly, the physician’s bills will be denied and they won’t be paid. This makes for a huge backup of the healthcare system, which is jumbled enough as it is. Since healthcare providers are busy people seeing many patients each day, medical accounting errors are often made on the handwritten medical practice billing forms the doctors fill out. Medical practice billing professionals, however, are the coding experts.
These are the people in the medical practice that must assess whether the treatment and medical accounting codes correspond. The medical practice billing professionals must also ensure that a legitimate, error-free medical bill is being submitted. Medical practice billing personnel spend a great deal of time learning common treatments and the corresponding medical accounting codes. While these medical practice professionals may not be doctors, they could offer a doctor a second opinion, at least where medical accounting codes are concerned.

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