Ever since1989, Lytec has assisted thousands of healthcare professionals efficiently manage their practices. Lytec’s flawless combination of proven software and personal service makes it effortless for physicians to enhance the profitability of their practices at an affordable price. Lytec process claims and receivables quickly and easily, improve business operations by doing more through increased operational efficiencies. They also offer excellent service and are dedicated and ready to solve issues with personal service. Lytec has proven strength, over 100,000 medical practices use their practice management software. Last but not least, connectivity, Lytec can connect you to more payers, pharmacies, and hospitals, giving you the power to improve healthcare.

With over 30,000 systems sold, Lytec 2011 definitely has a stronghold in practice management and medical billing software. They have all of the tools required to efficiently operate patient accounting, insurance billing, claims tracking, accounts receivable, and appointment scheduling thus streamlining all of your medical billing and office tasks. Thousands of customers would agree that Lytec Medical software is a formidable asset to the medical field. Lytec Medical for Windows is outstanding when it comes to quality and performance. Superior adaptability establishes Lytec as a most efficient physician practice management tool.

┬áLytec medical billing software is not without its modest extras that makes that one solution package stand out from the first. It is HIPAA-compliant, initially. The Health Insurance Probability and Accountability Act contain regulations which medical practices are required to follow as authorized by the Federal Government of the US. With Lytec’s HIPAA compliance system, there is longer the need to familiarize oneself with the complexity of the systems contained in the HIPAA and just let the software handle everything.

Other main features of the Lytec medical billing software includes the AccuScrubber MX, ApptBox, Direct Claims, Electronic Claims Processing, and more. AccuScrubber is an add-on software program, which you install into your computer to review any healthcare claims you give it. It works along with the medical billing software without incurring any difficulties; its only purpose is to improve the functions of each instead. On the other hand, the ApptBox is an automated communications application that permits a physician’s office to inform and confirm a patient’s appointment and other office related functions.

In spite of the fact that electronic medical claim billing has been continuously praised as the doctor’s key to getting salaried, not many of us often acknowledge the medical “biller’s” significance. Professional medical billing and coding are extremely in high demand. The truth is the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics or BLS states in their report that it is one of the top twenty best growing occupations in the healthcare industry.

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