It's almost time

With the ICD-10 transition swiftly approaching, there is actually another event we need to prepare for.  What could it be?  Healthcare professionals have already endured so much this year.  (Cue the dark, dreary musicThe 2015-2016 Influenza season!
Based upon some of my research, it appears that in the United States, flu outbreaks usually occur as early as October and may continue up until the month of May.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that epidemics of seasonal flu typically peak during the months of December thru February.
If you are a health professional, I have provided the link to reference some of the new vaccines that will be out in the marketplace as well as general guidelines and recommendations–which are more than likely deeply embedded in your medial temporal lobe.  Take me there
If you’ve had bouts with battling the flu, a similar link will be helpful in planning a visit to your physician’s office for a vaccination as well as other helpful tips.  2015 Flu Season
For many years, I’ve been proactive regarding the vaccinations and been extremely lucky.  I also know that the Flu season is a very busy time for MediPro clients as their patient waiting rooms will soon be  filled with coughs, colds and fever.  Hooray for the upcoming Fall season and planning ahead!

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