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Instituting Cycle Billing

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Are you sending all of your bills once a month and getting a rush of questions and calls? Have you considered Cycle Billing?


Cycle billing is – a method of billing customers at monthly intervals in which statements are prepared on each working day of the month and mailed to a designated fraction of the total number of customers.

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Get Paid Faster
By breaking up your bills and sending them out in cycles each week or even every other week, you can get paid faster and you can reduce the rush of calls to the office after big batches are sent. By getting your bills out fast you get paid fast. This is especially true for self-pay accounts. The quicker you get the bill out the greater chances you have to collect that balance.
Cycle billing also allows you to give more attention to specific bills. You can break down the large batches to manageable sizes and give each patient account the attention it may need.  This will help to reduce the number of unnecessary statements and allow you time to add notes or color to the needed statements.
With BillFlash you can send statement batches as often as you would like. With the Review function, you can add notes, delete statements from the batch, change the statement color and even choose delivery method of mail, eBill or both.
Make It Easier
By incorporating the BillFlash Pay Services you can also reduce this stress on your office by allowing patients to manage statements and pay online.
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Whether you use cycle billing or not. The full BillFlash suite offers you the tools you need to collect payments and reduce the stress of a monthly activity burst.

  • Professionally printed statements
  • HIPAA compliant email notifications
  • Online payment portal
  • Payments Anywhere, Anytime
    • Online 24/7
    • In-office
    • Over the phone
    • Mailed payments
    • Stored payment methods
    • Payment plans

Contact MediPro, Inc. at 1.800.759.1321 opt 2 to set up your BillFlash suite of services.

Bill Flash tips provided by:

Michael Barnett 

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing | NexTrust

*BillFlash is a product of NexTrust

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