Healthcare Hot Topic Tuesday: October 14, 2011

Surgery ‘well suited’ for social media (10/4/2011)

Two surgeons from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences are touting the benefits of social media to their colleagues as a way to disseminate accurate information to their trainees and patients. But before embracing social media, surgeons should fully understand the potential security and medical-legal implications of using it.

Physicians need to understand data to prove better and safer care

Patients expect excellent care from their physicians. Unfortunately, not all receive such care and most of us realize this. Many who do understand the wide variation in patient care probably believe it is due to the clinical knowledge and attitude of the provider – a very knowledgeable physician or nurse who is passionate about his or her job will deliver the best care. Although these ingredients are necessary for excellent patient care, today better care can be delivered with modern tools and methods such as “smart” IV pumps, checklists, registries and EHR’s.

Medicaid link to expected launch date for individual states and Meaningful Use

This chart shows the estimated date each state intends to begin accepting registrations for their Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. These dates are provided to CMS by the states, and this list is updated monthly. Even states that are listed as “unknown” are progressing toward program launch; however, they have not provided CMS with an estimated launch date.