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Healthcare Hot Topic Tuesday: August 23, 2011

How social media has changed my medical practice (8/16/11)

“Last summer, I joined millions of others in the deluge of social media. I committed one year of effort to see if social media would enhance or distract from my pediatric practice. … My practice has seen tangible, real valuable benefits. I have been intellectually challenged, and have professionally grown.”

White House Initiative Seeks to Bolster Rural Health IT Opportunities (8/16/11)

“The Obama administration has announced a new initiative that aims to boost health IT adoption, job creation and funding for rural areas, United Press International reports. … The U.S. Department of Agriculture and HHS will sign an agreement to link rural hospitals and clinicians with capital loan programs to enable them to buy the software and hardware needed to implement health IT systems (Barr, Modern Healthcare, 8/16).”

How a Solo Physician Aced Stage 1 Meaningful Use (8/18/11)

“Mention ‘Stage 1’ and most physicians will think you’re talking about the initial phases of a disease or a medical condition such as cancer. A few might think of a rocket launching into space. But Stage 1 also refers to a portion of the so-called meaningful use requirements for electronic medical records, which providers must meet in order to qualify for financial incentives from the federal government.”

Online videos may offer most bang for medical marketing buck (8/22/11)

”Of all the digital and social media tools available to them, hospital marketers say online video is one of the most effective. Experts said the same could be true for physicians as well. … The media tool deemed most effective was online videos, with 12.9 of respondents saying they are extremely effective and 33.7% saying they are very effective.”


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