FIFA 18 Features Will Include Season 2 of El Camino

Posted by steelersmb
October 9, 2010

The way El Camino has been one of the most prominent additions of FIFA 17 on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. So it’s no surprise that Electronic Arts is already thinking about continuing the story of Alex Hunter in the second season. As we read in GameSpot, EA has not only confirmed the existence of FIFA 18 for this year but also has announced that we can enjoy the second season of El Camino with new characters and new stories that will delight those Who have enjoyed the particular “story mode” of FIFA 17.

FIFA 18 will include season 2 of El Camino:

In the words of an EA representative: “FIFA 18 online will be based on what we create with the FIFA 17 story mode, bringing players back to El Camino mode with the second season that will include new characters and new stories. Our development team in Vancouver is offering new and innovative experiences for this year’s game, including an improved Ultimate Team and the most immersive FIFA we’ve ever produced. ” We remind you that the Way of FIFA 17 has had spectacular numbers, with more than 160 million goals scored by Alex Hunter and more than 120 million games played.

In any case, EA has only revealed the existence of season 2 of FIFA 18 online without offering more details of the mentioned in this content, reason why it is very possible that the company take advantage of some important event like the E3 2017 to announce more data. In the meantime, here we leave you with our complete analysis of FIFA 17 for PS4, PC and Xbox One, where you can also find more information about El Camino mode starring Alex Hunter.

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