Examples of Medical Records Software Programs

Posted by steelersmb
November 3, 2010

Because the number of medical records is so massive, storing and organizing them requires a lot of time, and errors might occur. To make things easier and to help hospitals keep their data well organized, medical records software has appeared on the market. These software programs are now essential in medical offices and hospitals. The following describes two of the medical records software programs used by medical professionals. One of the most important players in the electronic medical records field, Ergo Partners, has invented the medical records software called EMR-itus.

This program was developed thanks to the contribution of doctors and nurses that were constantly working with medical records. The EMR-itus can perform the following operations: recording a patient’s employment information, recording a patient’s contact information, listing a patient’s problems and the status of treatment, easy scanning, and the transferring of paper records into electronic records. Medical records software also helps doctors and nurses record variable conditions of a patient during a specific period of time, which helps to provide the right treatment. Another medical records software widely used for storing medical data is the Charting Plus. What is special about this software program is the fact that it is compatible with tablet PCs.

The functions that this program can perform include the following: providing appropriate systems for medical treatments; offering the possibility to generate and print patient instructions, prescriptions, referral letters and other documents; providing HIPAA-certified security for medical records; and offering quick access to key information such as body mass index charts, immunization records and preventative medicine reminders. The Charting Plus medical records software is build as a flexible program, so that it can cover the needs of any user or patient. There are many other kinds of medical records software available, but these are simply two of the most common.