EMR Software

In order to make certain that the medical practice maintains its operations in an organized and well-coordinated manner Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software is necessary. The cost is approximately $850 dollars for setup and about $2500 for yearly maintenance but are worth it because they save time and run the operations using the best defense mechanisms against liabilities. EMR Software is used to manage and maintain electronic medical records, patient or insurance billing, patient information management, multi-provider scheduling, electronic faxing, prescriptions and lab management, document management, and custom report templates.

EMR Software should have certain features including office schedule module, third party scheduling, third party billing, lab/hl7 interface, billing module, drug interactions, Internet access, connection from separate locations, dial-in access, wireless, handwriting recognition, transcription compatible, PDA compatible, prescriptions, voice recognition, E and M code assistance, reports, freeform sketches, digital imaging, practice guidelines, reminders, tracking, and PC Windows/Mac compatible.

EMR Software typically has document imaging features that enables scanning images and attaching them to the corresponding patient reports with ease. They assist in keeping track of patients check in and check out, access records, check payments all in one screen greatly minimizing the workload. The patient scheduler is an alternative excellent feature that organizes the clinic to run efficiently while saving time.

 EMR Software is particularly beneficial in organizing and keeping patient records current. Patient names, pictures, records of treatment and medicine given, method of payments, and insurance records are well maintained as well as a reminder system to inform of any dues. The record writer feature as well as prescription writer services are helpful to present professional documents, and mailing the list to the pharmacy by fax is effective in saving time. HCFA 1500 billing is made very simple almost effortless with the use of the EMR Software. Electronic billing is an alternative feature that curtails the time of processing by 50%. It must have good medical transcription as well as SOAP note management features. Some vital features to look for are document-scanning attachments, Medicare or Medicaid billing software, medical billing and specialist support software, and diagnosis code directory. The ideal way of getting the suitable EMR that fits your practice is to contact vendors, attain a list of the features provided along with the cost, time taken to set up, and appoint the personnel who can manage the EMR software if needed. These aspects have to be well thought-out before buying the best suited Electronic Medical Record Software. EMR Software is a good quality method to fight against accountability. If you have well maintained records, you can disprove any false claims easily thus safeguarding your practice. Therefore, EMR Software is necessary for any medical practice to function effectively. There are firms available offering services and products to facilitate the running a successful business.